12 Days of ChrisTmas

Samsung C&T's 2019

Dec 16, 2019

On the first day of Christmas, my true love C&T…

built a bridge with communities


2019 was a year of reaching out to various communities, as Samsung C&T’s CSR programs rebuilt communities at home and abroad, supported children in need, fostered future talent, and opened up great fashion choices to disabled people.


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Samsung C&T’s employees join forces to support local residents (Aug 23)

Samsung Village builds foundation for a new future (Nov 26)

9th overseas volunteer program brightens Myanmar school (Sep 19)

The fashion trend toward diversity (Apr 29)

Junior C&T Academy fosters future talent (Jun 5)



On the second day of Christmas, my true love C&T…

celebrated the people of C&T


Any celebration of a business is going to be a celebration of people, and this year we’ve seen glowing examples of staff excelling across Samsung C&T’s four groups – Engineering & Construction, Trading & Investment, Fashion, and Resort.


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Why even buildings need a makeup artist (May 17)

Passion & Expertise: staying in the moment (Jul 9)

Secrets of a polyglot’s success in business (May 14)

The endless curiosity of Juun.J’s new flagship store (May 21)

Everland’s army of entertainers (Aug 30)



On the third day of Christmas, my true love C&T…

shone on the world stage


It’s been a good year in terms of global recognition too, with Samsung C&T listed among the world’s very best companies for sustainability, diversity, and inclusion – not to mention offering world-class animal welfare at Everland and top-notch safety to the theme park’s visitors.


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Samsung C&T places in global top 100 for diversity and inclusion (Nov 5)

Samsung C&T listed in DJSI World index for 3rd consecutive year (Nov 5)

Everland recognized alongside world-class zoos for welfare (Oct 10)

Safety and service come first at Everland and Co. (Nov 20)



On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love C&T…

spurred Southeast Asia’s success story


Samsung C&T earned contracts to build an otherworldly podium structure in Kuala Lumpur, Vietnam’s first ever LNG terminal and, in South Asia, a Bangladeshi combined cycle power plant.


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Building cleaner energy (Jul 25)

Samsung C&T Wins Bid to Construct Kuala Lumpur City Centre’s Podium Building (Jul 8)

Samsung C&T awarded Bangladesh combined cycle power plant project (Oct 1)



On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love C&T…

harnessed cutting-edge technology


2019 saw the company seize the tech benefits of 5G and modular construction while we had a future vision of the hospital development business – and virtual reality attractions at Everland proved how much fun new tech can be, too!


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How 5G is building the future (May 31)

Samsung C&T Leads Korea’s High-tech Construction with New Modular Shop (Jan 31)

Creating a hospital from scratch (Nov 18)

How tech augments the theme park ‘experience’ (Sep 27)



On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love C&T…

kept key products moving


Trading has always been an important part of the Samsung C&T story. The Trading & Investment Group’s businesses included handling millions of tons of steel products and inorganic fertilizers.


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Indispensable Materials Part 16: How Inorganic Fertilizers Play a Vital Role in Our Lives (Feb 22)

How Well Do You Know Steel? (Mar 22)

The rise and rise of petrochemicals  (Dec 16)


On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love C&T…

got even greener and embraced the eco movement


A big part of being a sustainable company is encouraging efforts at all levels to adopt eco-friendly habits, and we saw some shining examples of that – staff did particularly well in Singapore, while it was great to see Samsung C&T Trading Group’s Indonesia Palm Plantation get an RSPO certification for managing its eco-friendly business.


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Singapore staff take their Eco-Office seriously (Sep 23)

Samsung C&T palm plantation recognized as sustainable (Jun 28)



On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love C&T…

captured some stunning memories


One of our most popular Newsroom features of 2019 was the Samsung C&T Site Photo Contest, which produced this incredible winning image from a construction site in Malaysia.


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Photo contest produces stunning portraits of construction life (Jul 31)



On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love C&T…

showed the world why we’re a trusted builder and fashion leader


Samsung C&T put on a good show globally this year, helping Hong Kong expand, adding to its airport portfolio, and reaching new fashion heights through KUHO, Juun.J, and Beanpole.


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Why are Asian airports so good? (Aug 12)

Building a solution to Hong Kong’s housing shortage (Oct 25)

KUHO shines on SoHo in New York (Sep 9)

Top traditional casual brand Beanpole rewrites itself based on Korean heritage (Oct 25)

Juun.J unveils S/S 2020 collection in Paris (Jun 27)

Kimhekim designer wins 2020 SFDF prize (Nov 27)



On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love C&T…

rode these trends


Trends come and go, but we saw some worthwhile movements to jump aboard like mixed-use buildings, electric vehicles, slow shopping, and the Newtro craze – now that’s diversity for you!


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The mixed-use building trend driving global construction (Nov 8)

Electric vehicle growth accelerates demand for copper (Apr 25)

How slow shopping beats the internet (Jun 18)

Everland brings back the old days (Nov 18)



On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love C&T…

made a new mood for all four seasons


Korea is famous for having four distinct seasons – here are some fashion tips for each one and Everland’s transformation from spring to summer to Halloween, and then Christmas was a sight to behold!


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The Best Athleisure Looks from Beanpole Sport for Spring ’19 (Mar 19)

Are you beach-ready? (Jul 17)

Latest women’s 2019 fall/winter fashion trends (Nov 8)

Everland Celebrates Spring with a Touch of Dutch (Mar 28)

Everland keeps summer visitors cool (Jul 11)

A luminous journey through time (Jun 21)

The best place to spend Halloween and fall in Korea (Oct 8)



On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love C&T…

had these cute moments!


Along the way, there have been moments when you just stop and sigh, “Aaaaaah…” – particularly when a group of Buddhist monk novices visited Everland for an experience none of us will forget in a hurry!


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Novice monks relish theme park break! (May 3)

The kids’ choice during ‘family month’ (May 2)

Life among the stars of Lost Valley’s eco-haven (Apr 17)