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Sports Styles to Wear This Spring

May 03, 2018

Leggings for the office, workout tanks for a night on the town. Being ready for a quick jog or an impromptu yoga session at a moment’s notice isn’t just the trend of the year, it’s a cultural shift in the way we approach clothing. Athleisure, the hybrid of business casual and athletic wear, has become a part of every major designer’s vocabulary as people are turning to comfortable, functional clothing over the traditional suit and tie of the working stiff.  


But figuring how to incorporate your workout clothes into everyday wear without looking like you just finished an eight-hour Netflix binge is easier said than done. So just how can you mix your gym clothes in with the rest of your closet this spring? We’ve got some style tips to help you stay looking fit and fashionable this spring.



Stylish on, and off, the Green


Without the need for uniforms, golf has always been a sport where one can showcase personal style. As a result, golfers have traditionally been one of the more well-dressed athletes, making it a great choice for athletic apparel that also works in the office.


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The tailored looks and modern designs effortlessly transition from the course to everyday life. Nowhere is this more evident than BEANPOLE Golf’s latest collection – just ask Sung-hyun Park, who wore the latest line on the 2018 VOA LPGA Classic where she collected her first win of the season.


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In the beginning of the 2018 season, the brand is on trend with floral and gingham patterns for a chic, classy, sporty look. For women, pairing a simple floral skirt with a basic polo or sweater vest is a great way to add a bit of flair to an understated athletic outfit.


For men, a pair of gingham pants paired with an active polo shirt is a classic and sporty style that fits well into a casual office environment. For those couples that enjoy hitting 18 holes together, BEANPOLE Golf has also created a line for couples.



Functional Fashion for a Trek


Whether you are hiking the Appalachian Trail or exploring hidden corners of your city, when you’re gearing up to head out for a trek, you want to have all the right equipment. Even if you are the type to tackle Starbucks and city blocks over mountains and thick forests, hiking and trek wear has become a favored choice for those looking for a balance between function and comfort.


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Some practical features you’ll want to consider include material that is water repellent, wind proof, breathable, lightweight, and quick to dry. Essential spring gear includes lightweight coats with breathable material, plenty of pockets, and other practical features such as detachable hoods.



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For athleisure wear that will blend in at work, look for more basic items such as pants in a neutral palette made with comfortable stretch fabrics and simple design features that won’t stand out in the crowd.



Get Ready for Game Day


Nothing heralds spring quite like opening season at the baseball stadium. If you’re not the trekking or golfing type, a pleasant evening full of ballpark snacks and fresh air is a great way to enjoy sports on a date night. But finding the perfect game day outfit can be a little tricky. First and foremost, you want to be relaxed in whatever you’re wearing, so for 2018, classic ‘90s comfort wear is coming back in vogue.



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The retro look wouldn’t be complete without a touch of denim, but if you don’t want to overdo it, take note of this season’s Anorak trend. Anorak shirts, inspired by traditional parkas, have become one of the most fashionable athleisure items of the year. Pair an 8Seconds Anorak shirt with tapered-fit denim pants and leather sneakers for a sophisticated street look.




Source: SSF Shop


Other retro inspired looks from 8Seconds include pairing a straight, high-waisted denim with a black, loose fit top for a look that is both cultured and witty. Swap out the black shirt for a baseball uniform shirt for a more playful style. Just make sure to choose an achromatic color, such as black or white, rather than flashier colors, and match with your favorite team’s older uniforms over their modern designs to keep the retro aesthetic.



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