Everland’s new season

of Halloween horrors

Sep 09, 2019

With autumn upon us, there are some spooky changes at South Korea’s biggest theme park, Everland.


The facility just south of Seoul, operated by Samsung C&T Resort Group, has again stepped up its Halloween game to unleash an army of zombies and other haunting surprises.


While Everland is known for offering magic and excitement to kids of all ages, the park has also become famous for its horror experiences. Two iconic attractions, Horror Safari and Horror Maze, recently opened for a run until November 17 – making Everland a must-visit place for thrills and scares this fall.



Horror Safari


Safari World is normally a fun-filled bus tour surrounded by lions, tigers and bears.


But after dark, something that feels more sinister lurks. Rather than spotting animals, those embarking on Horror Safari will be trying to escape zombies from 7pm every evening.


Everland’s talented staff make it feel so real that participants might forget they are not actually trying flee from zombies chasing their bus!

* You can look up the location on Everland’s Guide Map.

* Ticket reservations are available on site, online, and via Everland app.



Horror Maze


The best kind of scary attraction is frightening even when you keep telling yourself it’s not real – and that’s exactly what Everland’s Horror Maze delivers. In fact, one in three people give up before the end.


The faint of heart will be trying not to get stuck at the back of their group while they worry about something creeping behind them in the maze, which is set up as a cabin haunted by the victims of a mad professor, Doctor K. In reality, no one is safe from being spooked as real-life actors will make even the bravest visitors leading the front of their group jump.


Everland has done a great job of creating this horror experience, with props stimulating all five senses – and possibly a sixth sense too! The dark, creepy atmosphere of the maze is heightened by the smell of formaldehyde that participants will notice as they move through its operating room, torture chamber and prison – not to mention masterful performances by those actors.



* You can look up the location on Everland’s Guide Map.

* Ticket reservations are available on site, online, and via Everland app.