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“Hi, Raemian” Brings Smart Home Essentials to Life

Connectivity, artificial intelligence (AI), and the “internet of things (IoT)” are concepts no longer considered novelties. A ...

Why Are Vibrant Public Spaces Key to Cities’ Future?

In the 1990s, a dramatic transformation happened in New York City. For decades prior, Bryant Park in Manhattan was in disrepair, d...

Raemian Twenty Consecutive Years of Unsurpassed Consumer Satisfaction

Samsung C&T’s residential apartment brand, Raemian, once again, received the highest score in the apartment category of the ...

Bridging the Sky: Samsung C&T Pioneering the Future of the Skybridge

Urban skylines are growing upward. But as global city-dwellers continue to reach for the skies, constructors have now begun asking...

Built-in IoT Protection Helps Beef up Home Security

In busy city apartment complexes, people come and go all day long. This is especially true in Korea, where online shopping has rec...