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Wood Pellet

Indispensable Materials Part 13: What’s Fueling the Demand for Wood Pellet?

While the growth of wind and solar power often grab the headlines, there’s another renewable energy boom that’s emerging from ...
Samsung C&T Newsroom_Methanol

Indispensable Materials Part 12: Welcome to the Methanol Age

Just like the stone age and bronze age are remembered for the tools of their periods, our modern era may one day be known for one ...

How Samsung C&T Empowers Youth for a Better Future

No one can know what the future holds, but one thing is for certain – the shape of tomorrow will be dictated by the youth of tod...

80 Years of Growth: Samsung C&T’s Global Network

In 1953, Samsung C&T Trading Group opened its first overseas office in Tokyo, marking the first step in the company’s journe...

Charting the Oceans: The Life of a Maritime Logistics Manager

People have traded goods by sea for millennia. Even after the invention of airplanes, ships continue to be the main means of trans...