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Meet Everland’s Attraction Planner Taehyun Park

What a Ride! Meet Everland’s Attraction Planner Tae-hyun Park

At first glance, the adrenaline-filled screams and eyepopping colors of a theme park seems worlds removed from the meticulous envi...
MD Designer Nina Yoon

[Interview] Breathing Life into Everland’s Characters: MD Designer Nina Yoon

A day at Everland is always an unforgettable experience – but unfortunately you can’t take it home with you. You can, however,...
New Culture Expert

[Interview] How Min-young Lee Developed Environmental Safety Management

Safety first, the phrase we all heard as children, has taken on a whole new meaning for Min-young Lee. As an Assistant Manager of ...
Process Innovation Expert

[Interview] IT Expert: Jae-han Park Talks Process Innovation

Jae-han Park might not be able to leap tall buildings or fly, but at Samsung C&T, he’s somewhat of an IT superhero. As an IT...
Samsung C&T Newsroom_Compliance

[Interview] Deep in Thought with Samsung C&T Attorney Woo-kyung Kim

“When ideas arise, I put them in my cell-phone,” said Kim. “I often think of mistakes I’ve made right in the middle of a s...
landscape architect

Painting with Plants: A Day in the Life of a Landscape Architect

As urban areas continue to grow and sustainability dominates policy making, there is now a recognition that landscape architecture...