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Stars on the Rise: Looking Back at a year in Fashion for Two SFDF Winners

2018 is drawing to a close, and with it, another exciting year in fashion for Korean brands – particularly on the international ...
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Local Fashion, International Scale: What Does It Mean To Win sfdf?

Breaking onto the international fashion scene is no easy feat for a young brand. Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s sfdf awards exi...

From Breakthrough to Stardom in Fashion: Juun.J’s Evolution

Now a well-recognized name among some of the most celebrated circles in fashion, Juun.J has a history that traces back a good two ...

Inaugural sfdf Awards: Smaller but No Less Promising

Encapsulating urban interactions, reinterpreting Korea’s traditional hanbok, and uncovering the charm of imperfection. These are...

The Samsung Fashion & Design Fund Welcomes New Talents for 2017

The Samsung Fashion & Design Fund’s (SFDF) latest set of winners were announced on November 22, marking the 12th year Samsun...

Samsung Fashion & Design Fund Nurturing Emerging Design Talent

For up-and-coming fashion designers, it can often be hard to catch a break in the industry, no matter how creative and talented yo...