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Charting the Oceans: The Life of a Maritime Logistics Manager

People have traded goods by sea for millennia. Even after the invention of airplanes, ships continue to be the main means of trans...

Samsung C&T’s Riyadh Office: Unearthing New Opportunities

It may seem ironic that a city sitting in the middle of a country that’s 95 percent desert would be called “the gardens.” Bu...

Indispensable Materials Series Part 8: Palm Kernel Shells, a High-potential Renewable Energy Resource

A few years ago, people would not have believed if you had told them that palm kernel shells (PKS) would one day become a promisin...

How the Shipping Container Reshaped Global Trade

We now have at our fingertips a legion of goods we can order from countries outside of our own. Books, snacks, clothes, you name i...

How Are Different Trade Commodities Transported Around the World?

On the face of it, trade sounds fairly straightforward. One party buys a product, the other party sells it, and perhaps another ta...