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Everland’s Best Rides Roar Back into Action

Ask any roller coaster fan in Korea and they’ll tell you that they’ve been missing one thing over the past few months – the ...

Wooden Wonders! 5 Fantastic Wooden Roller Coasters

Although the majority of modern roller coasters feature cutting-edge designs and are constructed with strong, shiny steel, the lov...

Virtual Reality: The Next Generation Theme Park Entertainment

Not so long ago, virtual reality (VR) only existed in the realms of science fiction. But in recent years, the technology has been ...

The Physics Behind the Thrill – Energy Matters on the T-Express

Did you know? A whole lot of physics goes into making rollercoasters so much fun – especially Everland’s thrilling 56m-high T-...

Everland’s Guide to Planning an Unforgettable Fall Date

For any season, Everland is an exciting way to spend the day with your significant other. Exciting rollercoasters, Halloween thril...

Everland at 40 : Four Decades of Family Fun

They say time flies when you are having fun. Nowhere does this old adage feel more appropriate than at Everland, South Korea’s l...