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80 Years of Growth: Samsung C&T’s Global Network

In 1953, Samsung C&T Trading Group opened its first overseas office in Tokyo, marking the first step in the company’s journe...

3 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing International Trade

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Indispensable Materials: How Cobalt Became the Rockstar of Rare Metals

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Charting the Oceans: The Life of a Maritime Logistics Manager

People have traded goods by sea for millennia. Even after the invention of airplanes, ships continue to be the main means of trans...

Bioenergy Part 1: Are First-generation Biofuels the Answer to the Energy Crisis?

Note: This is the first in a two-part series exploring the future of the biofuel and biomass industries. The next article in this ...

How Samsung C&T is Contributing to the Future of Healthcare in the Middle East

Providing adequate medical care is becoming increasingly important for governments around the world. And in certain regions, such ...