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Indispensable Materials Series Part 9: Liquefied Natural Gas, A Rising Energy Source

Whether you’re turning on a light, cooking dinner, or cranking up the heat on a cold winter night, chances are liquefied natural...

Samsung C&T’s Riyadh Office: Unearthing New Opportunities

It may seem ironic that a city sitting in the middle of a country that’s 95 percent desert would be called “the gardens.” Bu...

Indispensable Materials Series Part 8: Palm Kernel Shells, a High-potential Renewable Energy Resource

A few years ago, people would not have believed if you had told them that palm kernel shells (PKS) would one day become a promisin...

How the Shipping Container Reshaped Global Trade

We now have at our fingertips a legion of goods we can order from countries outside of our own. Books, snacks, clothes, you name i...