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More than Meets the Eye: How the DDP Merges Culture and Construction

Forging a new landmark is a lot more challenging than it may seem. In a city such as Seoul, where tall buildings dominate the horizon in all directions, simply building high will not do. New and inventive construction projects spring up every day in the city, so creating novelty is

Lose Yourself at Everland’s Lost Valley Safari

What if you could experience the thrill of life out on the Serengeti plains without even getting on a plane? What if you could ride in a vehicle that was part-boat, part-bus and drive past bathing pink flamingos and prowling cheetahs? What if you could wave at the mighty king

Going Green: How Wind Is Set to Power the Future

The world’s population is growing fast, at a rate of over 1.1 percent per year. In fact, perhaps the only thing growing faster is our thirst for energy consumption. As we become more numerous and affluent, our energy needs have risen by six times in the last 50 years, according

Room for Growth: Why Soil Quality Matters to Construction Professionals

In a letter to state governors in 1937, then-United States President Franklin Roosevelt wrote, “Soil is our basic asset. The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.” Without soil, humankind, which has built its cities in the stuff and fed generations of people with its fruits, would simply cease to

Landscaping Pros Give Historic Site Preservation Boost

As any keen traveler with an eye for history will attest, East Asia is home to some of the finest and most arresting stone-and-wood structures on the planet. People in Korea, Japan and China, in particular, used these two materials to craft unique temples, stunning palaces and ornate tombs –

Everland at 40: Four Decades of Family Fun

They say time flies when you are having fun. Nowhere does this old adage feel more appropriate than at Everland, South Korea’s largest and most-popular amusement park. The resort – quite astonishingly – is already celebrating its 40th birthday this year. There has been no slow-down in the excitement this year,

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