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Away with the fairies – in Fairy Town

Have you ever wanted to visit a fairyland? Now it is possible at Korea’s premier theme park. From March to June there is a real fantasy Fairy Town open in the heart of Everland, south of Seoul, where you can recharge your bliss batteries, find around 120 fairies, and admire

Practical ideas for back-to-school fashions in spring 2023

The start of a new school semester brings with it a familiar excitement: Who will be in my class? Who is my teacher? Will I make a new friend? It is also a time when sales of school supplies and school clothes shoot up, as parents make efforts to equip

Raising the curtain wall on attractive and functional modern buildings

In February we took a look at the history and uses of architectural glass that makes cities shine. What many modern urban glass buildings have in common is that their external facades have been constructed using the curtain wall method. This article will shed light on why curtain walls are

Waking up from hibernation: T-Express is back!

Wake up and wipe the winter sleep from your eyes. It is time to feel the thrills of a trip to an amusement park once again. And what bigger thrill could there be than a ride on one of the world’s tallest and fastest wooden roller coasters – Everland’s T-Express?

Top bottoms: Spring/summer 2023 trends in pants, jeans, skirts

With spring arriving soon and summer just beyond that, fashion-forward women and men are already mulling over what tops to wear, but it is equally important to find a bottom that looks and feels good. This article takes a look at what’s hot in clothing below the waistline in spring/summer

How a trading company can achieve solar success

At a glance Together with wind energy, solar power could generate nearly 70% of the world’s electricity by 2050 Solar project development requires years of patience, negotiations, and the careful assessment of risk factors Samsung C&T continues to grow its solar project development business in the U.S. and plans to

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