Samsung C&T receives top grade for Win-Win Growth

Samsung C&T received its best ever results in the 2019 Win-Win Growth Index announced by the Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership (KCCP) this month.

The Engineering & Construction (E&C) Group rose one notch from last year to score the highest possible “Best” appraisal and the Fashion Group’s second-highest “Excellent” grade was also up from 2019.

The results announced on September 8 were seen as independent recognition of continuous efforts to overhaul the company’s CSR system and elevate its management under the board of directors.

The E&C Group has been helping to strengthen the technological competitiveness of its partner companies while promoting wages and welfare since 2018, when it signed an agreement with the KCCP to eliminate wage differentials. The group was also praised for strengthening communication by holding frequent partner meetings on various matters such as mutual benefits, procurement, and safety.

The Fashion Group, which received the highest grade in its industry, has strengthened mutually beneficial activities by introducing incentive programs to reward outstanding partner companies and provide scholarships for their employees’ children. The group has improved communication by holding an open forum with its partners to listen to their suggestions.

The Win-Win Growth Index is an annual assessment of large companies in terms of shared growth. Evaluated by the KCCP and the Fair Trade Commission (FTC), the ratings are divided into five levels: Best, Excellent, Good, Fair, and Poor. Of the 200 companies in the latest index, just 35 achieved the top grade and only 31 earned a higher rating than last year.

Meanwhile, Samsung C&T plans to continue to strengthen CSR management centered on its board of directors. In particular, amid the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, the company will further expand mutually beneficial cooperation activities and support for partner companies. It will also maintain active efforts to overcome difficulties, including the prevention of community transmission of COVID-19 and implementation of relief activities, fulfilling the company’s social and environmental responsibilities.

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