Beanpole’s face masks for safety and for style

Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s traditional casual brand Beanpole has launched its own three-dimensional fashionable face masks fitted with filters that can be washed and re-used, bringing together all the necessary elements of a mask that is not only practical, but also attractive.

In designing the mask, Beanpole used 3D pattern technology including incisions and lines to help the mask hug the human face, and installed wires and nose bridge strips separately to simultaneously seal off outside air and secure enough breathing space to increase the mask’s utility in the summer.

In addition, a T-bone wire in the middle of the mask prevents it from collapsing, and the jaw area has a chin guard to prevent it from moving up and down on the face during activity. The designers also equipped the mask’s ear loops with “pig nose” cord stoppers so that the length can be adjusted according to the size of the wearer’s head.

Beanpole masks filter out small particles and can be reused.

Beanpole has employed triple nano filters to completely block dust and fine dust particles. The multi-layered filter protects the respiratory system from various types of particulates as its holes are 0.5 micrometers in size, smaller than ultrafine pollutants.

Not only does the exterior of the mask provide ventilation because it is made of cotton piqué fabric, but also the inside is made of a soft mesh material, so care has been taken about the feel of the mask on the skin. This material protects the nano-fiber filter and offers both excellent durability and UV protection.

These masks can be washed and re-used up to 40 times by applying a pH neutral detergent and then rubbing them gently between the hands without twisting the mask.

Head of Beanpole Ladies Won Eun-kyung said, “Face masks have been transformed into a fashion item; we don’t just wear them for safety but as a style point,” adding, “The strength of the mask is that it not only looks stylish when worn thanks to the 3D pattern with the T-bone wire and chin guard, but it is also easy to breathe in because they help fit the shape of the face.”

The Beanpole triple nano filter mask comes in black and navy and a children’s size in black. They are available at all Beanpole stores in Korea as well as SSF Shop, Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s online shopping mall.

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