Comfort and practicality take center stage in men’s F/W 2020 fashion

Although the heat and humidity of summer is still with us for now, it’s time to start thinking about what to wear as the weather cools down in autumn and prepares us for the cold of winter.

As the social distancing lifestyle is expected to continue, this men’s fall/winter season fashion focuses on giving a sense of stability, physical comfort and practicality. Popular will be clothes that provide comfort in an elegant and stylish way, and practical garments that can be worn in a variety of situations, from taking a short trip to a business meeting.

Samsung Fashion Institute senior researcher Choi Young-jin comments, “Essential items that can be used in various ways, as both formal and casual wear, are becoming seasonless,” adding, “It’s not just high quality by itself that’s important, but also smart styling strategies that make use of it.”

Practical, multi-purpose apparel from daily wear to suits

This season is taking a new look at a relaxed fit, as well as practical items that can be styled freely according to the situation. Practical blazers, jacket and pants combinations, and also reversible garments or ones with detachable inner layers are typical. Light and stretchy materials offer increased comfort while retaining a tailored mood.

Galaxy has combined classic jackets and pants with a sporty feel to create casual looks with light tailoring, such as wool jersey jackets and cotton stretchy pants. Setups that match a jacket with pants are made of comfortable fabric at Galaxy Lifestyle and Rogatis, such as cotton-blended polyester and a jersey.

Jackets and pants are now appropriate for all occasions. / Galaxy, Rogatis

The return of classic

Classic designs are making a comeback with contemporary reinterpretation for everyday use this season. Brands are changing up timeless elements such as leather, suede and check patterns by applying them to different colors, patterns, and silhouettes.

Galaxy has gone short with traditional leather and suede jackets to give off a jaunty vibe, with a feeling of soft tailoring added by designing knit sleeve patches. Galaxy Lifestyle also added a tailored feel to leather jackets, while highlighting its outerwear lineup from blousons to shearling coats and safari jackets with rich colors. Rogatis used classic and deep colors as well, such as cinnamon, terracotta, khaki, brown, and wine, reflecting the influence of a retro-traditional mood.

Classic leather, suede and shearling jackets are reborn with a contemporary feel. / Galaxy, Galaxy Lifestyle

Check out the checks

In its many variations, the check pattern has also established itself as an autumn steady seller. As a result, historic fashion brands such as Burberry’s Nova Check and Beanpole’s 30th anniversary check are presenting their own unique check patterns in a modern way.

Patterns that increase their practicality by subtly combining colors of similar tones are in this season, rather than traditional tartan checks with bright colors. Beanpole 890311’s coat is a good example, with its ombre check using natural gradations of one color.

The houndstooth pattern that calls to mind both the sharp teeth of a hound works well on a fall jacket. This year, variants in autumn colors such as wine and gray are popular. Gingham is another kind of familiar check featuring sharply defined squares of white alternating with most commonly blue, green or red.

Check patterns are rejuvenated for a new generation. / Beanpole 890311, Galaxy, Beanpole Men, MVIO

Colors like nature, but even richer

This season’s menswear is seeing richer expressions of color in blue, green and earthy colors inspired by nature. Earthy beige and brown are used as base colors, and a blue giving a feeling of stability is the key color of this season.

Galaxy Lifestyle has selected deep camel, green and purple as its main colors, while Galaxy has taken the monotones that show masculinity and added a sense of vibrancy with a variety of colors such as energetic red, orange and stable brown, vivid camel, green and wine. Similarly, MVIO has used grayish blue, deep brick and deep purple as a statement based on neutral colors like black and gray.

Deeper and richer hues highlight the style on the basis of neutral colors. / Galaxy Lifestyle, MVIO

The items above and many more can be found at SSF Shop, Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s online shopping mall.

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