The Persona of Juun.J unveiled at Paris Fashion Week

People pass each other, moving in opposite directions on staircases. Their clothes are voluminous and quickly draw the viewer’s attention while the endless stairs make one wonder if they will find their destination. This cinematic film released by global fashion brand Juun.J is almost entirely in black and white, but there are occasional glimpses of blue and gold.

Persona: The collections themselves

Juun.J showed off its 2021 Fall/Winter collection at the latest Paris Fashion Week. Due to current circumstances, this year’s Fashion Week was entirely digital, with the participating brands presenting their latest offerings online. Juun.J also made a big impression with bold styles and creative designs.

“Persona” is the theme of this latest collection for Juun.J, part of Samsung C&T Fashion Group. For the youth and street culture-inspired brand, its collections are the perfect reflection of its persona. Every collection expresses Juun.J’s reinterpretations of its signature pieces infused with the label’s own identity. Not only that, they contain the efforts of all the staff in the journey to their launch.

Contrast and harmony based on a soft military mood

This F/W 2021 collection revisits its signature MA-1 bomber jackets, military peacoats, tailored jackets and oversized outerwear. As is typical for Juun.J designs, the contrast between different silhouettes is highlighted by mixing styles and elements from different years. The voluminous bottoms inspired by feminine and classic skirts from the 1950s create a unique match with the tailored, masculine tops featuring emphatic shoulders or sporty, oversized jackets reminiscent of the 1990s. Military elements juxtapose harmoniously with the maxi silhouette, both of which are Juun.J mainstays.

Blue, gold and brown are the accent colors chosen for this Juun.J collection to play off against the basic palate of black, white, gray and navy.

Donning these creative and exciting items, Juun.J’s model-muses in the film confidently ascend and descend the almost maze-like staircases. Founder, creative director and visionary Jung Wook-jun explains, “Clothes are like architecture on a person’s body, and one of the most beautiful elements of architectural structure is staircases. Whether they are classic or modern, the look of fashionable people climbing stairs is beautiful.”

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