Raffia and swimsuits sizzle as summer resort wear

As weary workers in the cities start preparing for their annual summer vacation, sales of bikinis and other swimsuit items are already soaring. Beachwear and resort wear are predictably high on the shopping list of most vacationers. Also enjoying a growth in interest this year are accessories made from straw and raffia, such as hats, bags, and footwear.

Swimming with the current trend

Swimwear this year is more colorful and exciting than in the past, with some daring offerings from various fashion labels. Look out for one-piece swimsuits that could easily be paired with a skirt before or after a swim, ones that resemble a corset or one of Madonna’s stage outfits, and off-the-shoulder single-strap numbers.
Bikinis are of course still popular, and while they can be found in a uniform color for both top and bottom, this isn’t always the case. Mixing and matching, wearing a top from one bikini set with the bottom of another, is not only acceptable – it is trendy. At a resort restaurant you will see many such colorful combinations. Don’t forget that if you want to keep your hair dry while swimming, you will need a swimming cap.
Left to right : GANNI / ENZO BLUES / diagonal / diagonal

Clutching at straws

As has been reported by Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and even the Financial Times, items made by weaving fibers of straw (dried, yellowish stalks from crops such as wheat or barley) and raffia (a fiber made from palm leaves) are popular this summer, not only for their eco-friendly feel but also their boho aesthetic . Don’t expect all raffia and straw to look the same though – while the natural color is a shade of yellow or beige, it can also be dyed to something a little more vibrant. Also, peer more closely at a hat made from woven straw or raffia, and you will notice that the types of weaves are quite different. While some are loosely woven, almost like crochet, others are so tight as to appear almost waterproof (but it is not advisable to let such natural fibers get too wet).

Woven materials made from straw or dried raffia palms make excellent material for bags, as well as hats and visors, and even sandals. The light, breathable materials are quite flexible, perfect for packing into a full suitcase before jetting off to a resort for a few days in the sun or on the beach.
Left to right: LEBEIGE / GANNI / TORY BURCH / Theory
Wherever you are going this summer, remember to take these must-have swimwear and accessory items with you, so that you can enjoy your sun-filled vacation to the fullest while also looking cool and fashionable.
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