Light on Your Feet: 5 Shoe Trends for Summer 2024

Your guide to updating your summer wardrobe with this season’s must-have shoe trends. From classic slides and sandals to “blokecore” sneakers and chic mary janes, discover the best options for keeping your feet cool, comfortable, and stylish all summer long.

5 Shoe Trends for Summer 2024 - Your guide to essential summer shoe trends, including slides, flip flops, "blokecore" sneakers, and mary janes.
Beanpole mary janes and Scholl chunky sandals

Summer is here, which means it’s time to update your wardrobe with a new pair of must-have shoes for the hot weather. Finding the right shoes that keep your feet cool and comfortable while looking stylish is no easy feat. We’re here to break down some of this season’s biggest trends to help take some of the heat off your summer shopping.

This season, classic styles like slides and ballet flats are elegant trends for getting dressed up in the heat. If comfort is key for you, an easy pair of summer clogs by Scholl or Birkenstock might be your ticket to a summer of pain-free walking. If all else fails, reach for a pair of trusty “blokecore” sneakers inspired by the 90s soccer aesthetic.

1. Strap Into Summer: Slides and Sandals

When it comes to buying shoes that work for any summer occasion, you can’t go past a pair of slides or buckled slip-ons. The timeless designs of Scholl sandals or Birkenstock slides will see you through many seasons to come. Pair your slides with a pair of warm socks for an easy transition into cooler weather while staying comfortable.

Buckle Up!

Style casual looks with a classic pair of Scholl Chunky Sandals or Birkenstock Arizona’s for daily wear. Leave them by the front door to pop out of the house without thinking about what to put on your feet in the heat!

Simple Slides

Spruce up an evening summer outfit with a simple, strappy slide like these black raffia slides from the Korean brand Kuho or a simple brown slide-on sandal from 8 Seconds. For comfort and style, these Scholl brown cross over slides will get your feet through many summers to come!

2. Casual Comfort: Summer Clogs

They say that beauty is pain, but comfort will always be in style. The best way to achieve effortless comfort all year long is with a classic pair of clogs. Clogs complement any outfit, have a seasonless design, and will make you look like a chic Scandinavian street-style icon.

The clog’s unisex design makes them the perfect summer staple shoe for men and women alike! Investing in a pair of clogs with high-quality materials such as leather or suede means that your shoes will mold to the shape of your feet and keep you comfortable over a long time. Whether you need daily creature comfort clogs like these light beige Scholl clogs or the waterproof reliability from a pair of khaki Birkenstock Boston clogs, these clog options from Scholl, Birkenstock, and 8 Seconds give you plenty of room to find the style of clog that is right for you.

3. Blokecore Sneakers

“Blokecore” is a trend that takes inspiration from 90s soccer fashion, both on and off the field. It evokes “blokey” men’s fashion, featuring soccer jerseys paired with jeans and a pair of sneakers with classic 90s silhouettes. Blokecore gives you the perfect excuse to dress down this summer and stay cool with lightweight sneakers and sporty clothes. This pair of statement yellow Onitsuka Tiger sneakers are the embodiment of blokecore and will make you feel ready to referee yellow-card moments in your daily life.

Sporty ‘Blokecore’ Sneakers

You can shave minutes off your time spent traveling on summer adventures by wearing sneakers that double as running shoes. The only rules for blokecore fashion are don’t get caught playing soccer and avoid matching your soccer jersey with your shoes. This pair of ASICS Gel sneakers will complete a head-to-toe blokecore look, while these Juun.J sneakers can be paired with almost any outfit in the fashion subculture realm.

4. Parisian Chic: Mary Janes and Loafers

When in doubt, look to Parisians for classic and elegant style inspiration. The perfect way to dress up a casual summer outfit while staying cool and on-trend is with a pair of mary janes or understated leather loafers. We covet Kuho’s elegant, heeled loafers and these simple leather mary janes from Beanpole. Whether you style them with socks or go barefoot, that’s up to you! It’s great to invest in a good quality pair of loafers or mary janes to get you through the autumn and spring months, too, because who doesn’t love a timeless classic?

Something Unique for your Feet

If you are looking for more unique styles to complement your summer wardrobe, these espadrille mary janes from the Spanish brand Naguisa are the perfect shoe to pack for your next summer holiday. Alternatively, for a unique spin on classic creepers, these 100% suede Dr. Martens will have you dancing all summer long, perhaps with a light linen suit or a pair of 50s-inspired cuffed jeans.

5. Flip Flop Your Way to the Beach

Thongs, flip flops, and jandals – the shoes that seem to have a different name in every country – are the shoe trend that you can always rely on summer after summer. With brands continuing to reimagine the humble thong sandal, there are always new options to add to your summer wardrobe to make sure you’re flip-flopping your way around town in style.

These ergonomic OOFOs thongs are designed to absorb impact to protect your body while you’re out and about. The brand collaborated with 10 Corso Como, an Italian luxury retailer in Korea owned by the Samsung C&T Fashion Group. For casual comfort, these flip flops from Scholl are also designed to mold to the shape of your feet. You also can’t go wrong with a pair of classic rubber flip flops, also known as “pluggers” in Australian slang. These Archies arch support thongs are a staple for summers spent at the beach.

Find Your Summer Style Inspiration at the SSF Shop

Whichever summer shoe trend or style you are drawn to, the Samsung C&T Fashion Group have a range of options on the SSF Shop. If you are after ultra comfort with brands like Birkenstock or Scholl, there is a full range of Women’s and Men’s styles to browse through. The SSF Shop can also give you inspiration for your summer wardrobe with lookbooks and ideas for how to style your trendy shoes in your own unique way. Happy summer shoe shopping!

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