Autumn leaves of red and gold at Everland

The falling leaves drift by the window
The autumn leaves of red and gold

– “Autumn Leaves” by Joseph Kosma and Johnny Mercer

There’s a reason this 1945 jazz song has been sung and recorded more than a thousand times in multiple languages, perhaps most memorably by Nat King Cole; there is something innately magical about this time of year when the trees become bright paintbrushes and the landscape a motley canvas. Humans love this season, particularly for its colorful landscapes and cool weather. Fall in Korea is the perfect time to enjoy the clear blue skies and colorful landscapes outdoors, after the stifling heat of summer and before the biting cold of winter. Samsung C&T Resort Group’s Everland holds all of autumn’s treasures in one place, and gives people a unique chance to enjoy this beautiful scenery and get recharged online. 

A virtual painter’s palette of colors forms a visual feast for the eyes at Everland..
Blue autumnal skies flecked by wispy clouds contrast vividly with the red and gold trees.

The Four Seasons Garden at Everland is once again overflowing with an abundance of autumn flowers. Millions of individual globe amaranths and marigolds dazzle the eye.

Sky Plum Blossom Trail

Opened in 2019, the 3.3-hectare Sky Plum Blossom Trail is Korea’s first plum blossom theme garden in the capital region. As the name would suggest, the trail is heavy on plum trees, with 700 of them in 11 different varieties. But there are also other kinds of vegetation to admire: flowering treecotton or Kochia, as well as the perennial pink muhly grass and the aptly named fountain grass. Seas of maiden silvergrass, a type of ornamental grass found throughout East Asia, wave back and forth in the cool seasonal winds.

It’s almost as if these ornamental grasses and bushes are on fire.
A waving sea of maiden silvergrass frames the background of rolling hills.

Forest Camp

To get close to nature, the 9-hectare Forest Camp that Everland has been growing over the past half century on a mountain near the theme park is chock full of plants and insects. Around 340,000 trees and herbaceous ornamentals create a different tapestry in each of the four distinct seasons that Korea enjoys. Within the Forest Camp, a 1,100 square-meter pond is host to a plethora of aquatic plants and insects.

The Forest Camp of Everland has around 340,000 trees and plants.

Fall flowers such as Siberian chrysanthemum and cosmos are in full bloom, and the maple leaves transformed from verdant green into bright orange, yellow and brown are almost ready to rain to the ground forming their annual bed of autumn leaves.

For more information, please visit the Everland website.

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