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Trading & Investment

“Thank You Small Libraries” Look to Inspire Future Leaders in Ghana

Henry Kim fondly recalls helping students at the OSU Presbyterian Cluster of Schools in Ghana. Through Kim’s efforts and the support of several other volunteers, OSU school students opened a new library – the first in its 60-year history. “I can’t forget the children’s smiling faces as we brought in

Canadian Wind and Solar Farms Offer a Breath of Fresh Air

In the cold air of a Canadian December, the long, white blades on the immense tower began turning, as the Armow Wind facility started operations. Two-hundred seventy-three blades on 91 towers together began generating 180 MW of power, providing enough electricity for 70,000 homes. Located on the shore of Lake

New Culture Award Winners Embody Frontier Spirit

Samsung C&T Trading and Investment Group has recognized a selection of employees for their outstanding contributions to the company’s trailblazing trade creativity drive. As part of its New Culture Awards, a number of the C&T family were rewarded for their efforts. Their number includes a Shanghai-based semiconductor factory guru, a

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