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Spotlight on the role of a trader

When people around the world imagine what a trader does, they might think of different jobs. For instance, some would think of financial asset trading, perhaps inspired by the tense drama of movies or TV shows. But when we refer to traders at a trading company like Samsung C&T’s Trading

Making the fabs that make semiconductors

In almost all electronic devices we use these days, from smartphones that help us in daily life to spacecraft that are considered the pinnacle of science, semiconductors are required to function. The growing importance of semiconductors is shown by the solid and impressive revenue growth from sales in the last

Samsung C&T announces new leadership

Samsung C&T on Dec. 7 announced regular presidential appointments for 2023, as it promoted two new leaders. Vice President of Samsung Electronics’ Business Support T/F Jeong HaiLin has been promoted as President and CEO of Samsung C&T Resort Group and concurrently as CEO of Samsung Welstory, while Kang Byung-il, Executive

A world of 2023 snowmen at Everland

Each season, Everland shows the world a new face. Korea’s premiere theme park is transformed every few months to delight visitors young and old with a new theme that suits the time of year. Can you count all 2,023 snowmen (and snow women and snow bunnies)? From Dec. 1, 2022

Fall in love with Everland in autumn

Autumn in Korea is always bursting with natural beauty. The skies seem bluer and higher than the rest of the year, and the sight of red, orange, and yellow leaves as they rain down from the trees seem like something from a gallery of impressionist art. The autumn landscape at

The materials speeding up footballs

At a glance Modern footballs are largely made of synthetic materials since 1986 Synthetic materials offer numerous advantages over the leather used in old footballs These materials are made from synthetic resins, a key business area for Samsung C&T With a certain football, or soccer, tournament taking place in Qatar,

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