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From alchemy to semiconductors: Sulfuric acid

The ongoing global semiconductor shortage has raised awareness of supply chains and why it is so important to ensure their strength and stability. There are various materials that are needed to process semiconductors. One of them is sulfuric acid, which is vital for a number of industries despite its accurate

Play, eat and learn: 3 shades of summer at Everland and Caribbean Bay

Everyone has their own way of dealing with the summer heat. Some want to play with water in the sun, others prefer to get their mind off the heat with tasty food and drinks, while still others would rather learn or experience something cool. At Caribbean Bay and Everland in

Innovating the construction industry through modules

Everyone must have built a house with toy blocks at least once in their childhood. A new innovation is taking place in the construction industry, a “modular” construction method that is like assembling blocks. Samsung C&T Engineering and Construction Group recently completed its first modular building project that is also

Suitsupply: Helping men to dress up again

After two plus years of working from home and wearing athleisure or casual wear for webinars and online meetings, men finally want to dress to impress once more. At the Milan Fashion Week in June, where menswear and suits once more took center stage, Italian luxury fashion designer Brunello Cucinelli

Samsung C&T Q2 2022 earnings

Overall Performance Revenue: KRW 10.819T, up KRW 2.271T (26.6%↑) from KRW 8.548T in Q2 2021 Operating Profit: KRW 556B, up KRW 131B (30.8%↑) from KRW 425B in Q2 2021 Despite the adverse business environment, Samsung C&T’s overall revenue and operating profit in Q2 grew as the company’s efforts to improve

Passion & Expertise: The team expanding solar energy

Continuing our theme from last month, when we established why solar power has emerged as such a compelling global energy solution, we can now zoom in on a Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group that is responsible for carrying out vast solar energy projects in the United States. With solar

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