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Engineering & Construction

‘Safety First’ is more than a slogan at Samsung C&T: It’s part of the culture

In the construction field, safety is critical to the success of any project. Accordingly, Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction Group’s efforts to ensure safety are continuous, consistent, and considered. Samsung C&T E&C Group understands that safety is not something that happens by itself: It requires sustained work. The E&C Group

As demand for natural gas grows, so does demand for LNG terminals

Global demand for LNG is predicted to surge by 20% or more this year. European countries in particular are shifting away from burning coal, which emits more carbon than natural gas. LNG is seen by many as a better energy source than oil and coal in terms of carbon emissions and is

Accident-free construction workplaces by design for safety

Samsung C&T is getting high scores for its pursuit of environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments. Earlier this year it received an A-rating in an ESG Ratings assessment by Morgan Stanley Capital International. Samsung C&T does not stop here, but is also making great efforts in the safety field. As part of

Less noise from above: Samsung C&T combats inter-floor sound transmission

Living in an apartment building can offer many conveniences, but living with neighbors above and below means that one is also conscious of inter-floor noise. With people spending more time living and working at home since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, conflicts between neighbors on different levels of an

Making residential environments feel more natural

Home has become a place where more people are spending more time, especially in the era of work-life balance, working from home, and pandemic-related social distancing. People are learning afresh, that home can and should be a pleasant place to be, weather working, playing, or resting. This is true for

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