Engineering & Construction

Engineering & Construction

Samsung C&T leads green shift in construction field

The construction industry these days is making strides to become more resource-efficient and eco-friendly. Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction Group is playing a leading role in the industry in its adoption of eco-friendly practices. The E&C Group is particularly increasing its efforts in the production and development of technology related

Building a culture of safety in the construction industry

More so than in many industries, safety is the most important priority in construction. On a construction site, safety equals life. Late last month, Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction Group held a companywide ceremony to declare its safety management practices in order to raise the safety level of its partner

Bringing more power to Vietnam

Thanks to Vietnam’s steadily growing economy, it needs more electrical power. Samsung C&T is one of the developers helping to meet that demand. As a result, it continues to bring in more overseas orders, recently signing contracts for 600 billion won of power generation projects in Vietnam. A combined cycle

Protecting lives by developing household technologies that tackle diseases

Ever since the coronavirus hit the world in late 2019, industries have been making efforts to overcome it in their own sectors. Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction Group is also developing and applying technologies to enable apartment residents to live with confidence. Contactless residential access One of the buzzwords these

Powering our lives safely and efficiently around the globe

What if electricity were to disappear from our lives? Everything from televisions and refrigerators, which have been around for generations, to smartphones and home air purifiers, which are more recent additions, runs on electricity. Without it, our modern lifestyles would not be so modern anymore. How does electrical energy come

Growing safety in the construction industry: Samsung C&T E&C

Winter is a time when construction sites are vulnerable to hazards and accidents, so it should make us all the more mindful of the importance of safety. Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction Group is striving to make its safety systems even more rigorous by conducting internal inspections to check compliance

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