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Engineering & Construction

Samsung C&T: Making a way in the world today

Every summer sees mass movements of people heading for vacation spots far from the everyday routines of home and work. While some head for the mountains, others prefer to turn towards the coast, choosing to drive, board a train, fly in an airplane, or sail on a ship. These various

Smart buildings: A space for robots and humans to work together

With the rapid progress in the development and upgrading of the core technologies that lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution, there is a boom in the construction of so-called “smart cities” around the world, based on hyper-connectedness, the Internet of Things (IoT), and intelligent infrastructure. The idea of smart cities is

‘Safety First’ is more than a slogan at Samsung C&T: It’s part of the culture

In the construction field, safety is critical to the success of any project. Accordingly, Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction Group’s efforts to ensure safety are continuous, consistent, and considered. Samsung C&T E&C Group understands that safety is not something that happens by itself: It requires sustained work. The E&C Group

As demand for natural gas grows, so does demand for LNG terminals

Global demand for LNG is predicted to surge by 20% or more this year. European countries in particular are shifting away from burning coal, which emits more carbon than natural gas. LNG is seen by many as a better energy source than oil and coal in terms of carbon emissions and is

Accident-free construction workplaces by design for safety

Samsung C&T is getting high scores for its pursuit of environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments. Earlier this year it received an A-rating in an ESG Ratings assessment by Morgan Stanley Capital International. Samsung C&T does not stop here, but is also making great efforts in the safety field. As part of

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