Younger shoppers discover fashion that the world loves on SSF Shop

The last two years have seen an explosive growth in the digitalization of the fashion industry. However, true fashion digitalization is not simply a matter of opening an online store, it is also about interacting with consumers in new ways that speak to their values and aspirations. For millennials and Gen Z,

Send your love with Beanpole when you can’t give in person

Throughout the year, there are all kinds of occasions when we want to send gifts to each other to share our love and appreciation. From birthdays and weddings to traditional festivals and religious holidays, gift-giving forms an integral part of building community and family togetherness. But we cannot always be

Finding nature in the heart of Seoul at Label C’s new flagship store

The times when people would use cosmetics without paying much attention to ingredients or production processes are behind us. As reported by the New York Daily News, “clean beauty” is one of the top ten skincare trends for 2021. Responding to the desire of consumers to know what they are putting

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