Behold, butterflies that flutter by at Everland

At the tail end of winter each year the arrival of butterflies reminds us that spring is almost upon us. Butterflies are inactive during cold months, so the warming weather begins anew the butterfly’s cycle of birth, metamorphosis and breeding. Until March 1, Everland invites us to behold butterfly beauty

The Year of the Tiger begins in Tiger Valley

Every twelve years comes the Year of the Tiger, according to the ancient Oriental zodiac. This year is a very special Year of the Tiger at Everland, Samsung C&T Resort Group’s theme park, because at the park’s Tiger Valley there lives a group of cute tiger cubs, still less than

More winter activities open up at Everland

There are few experiences more fun in wintertime than playing in the snow – sliding down a snowy slope, lying down and making a snow angel, throwing snowballs, and making a snowman. It is amazing how these simple childhood pleasures stay with us well into adulthood. Nature is not always

Everland’s Snow Buster slides in bringing winter fun

The Snow Buster is probably visitors’ favorite attraction at Everland during the winter months. This collection of three sledding courses has something for everybody, from thrill-seeker rides to ones that are safe for the whole family. Whooshing into the present While the Snow Buster has been very popular in recent

Everland’s Winter Wishes celebration spreads holiday cheer

To celebrate the year’s end, the Everland theme park is doing it big! Its Winter Wishes festival has something for everyone: beautiful scenery to admire, Santa and Rudolph to meet, delicious treats to taste and share, and music and light shows to enjoy. The theme this year is hope and

Everland welcomes new animal births

Korea’s largest theme park Everland has welcomed the births of several members of rare species in the last two years. It is always happy news when there are new births among them, not just because baby animals are cute, but because the more the merrier. Breeding tigers of all stripes

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