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Getting to know EV charging infrastructure

At a glance​ Global EV sales are set to jump 35% this year, meaning 14 million more EVs on the road There are 2.7 million public charging points for EVs globally, though availability varies significantly The EV charging infrastructure market is expected to soar at a CAGR of 31.02% between

Enjoy an early summer day out at Caribbean Bay

It is not too early to enjoy a pre-summer day in the sun and water at Caribbean Bay. In fact, the period from May to June is considered by many to be the most fun and relaxing time at Korea’s biggest water park because, although the water outdoors remains above

Playful printed patterns show humanity’s fun side throughout history

Humans often show their playful, fun side through the clothes they wear. One bold fashion statement is to wear something with a bright, vibrant pattern. It seems that people have been adding patterns using block printing techniques since at least the 4th century BCE in India and Upper Egypt. In

Passion & Expertise: Secrets of a successful career switch

As the global energy market continues to transition towards clean energy, both the energy industry and individuals are changing their own career focus accordingly. Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group is also strengthening its diverse eco-friendly business portfolio, including with the solar power business, rechargeable battery materials, and hydrogen, in

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