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Hollywood actors love K-Fashion too

Korean innovative fashion brand Juun.J has attracted attention around the world from appearances at Paris Fashion Week and collaboration with luxury automobile brand Porsche. Now two Hollywood stars recently made the choice to wear Juun.J creations during a movie promotional tour, making the label even hotter. Timothée the fashionista Timothée

Getting to know synthetic resins

At a glance Plastics are primarily made from synthetic resins Having been pioneered as recently as the 20th century, various synthetic resins have been developed according to the desired plastic properties Samsung C&T has been trading synthetic resins for decades During the course of this “Getting to know” series, we’ve

Samsung C&T experts explain construction knowledge in an easy-to-understand way

Samsung C&T Engineering and Construction Group is continually engaged in construction activities around the world, including housing, civil engineering, and plant projects. In Samsung C&T’s YouTube series, specialists explain construction-related topics of interest to the general public. The videos are subtitled in English, so global audiences can watch and learn

So long, Fu Bao, and thanks for all the memories

Fu Bao the panda has now left the building – almost. After delighting crowds of admiring fans and zookeepers in Everland’s Panda World for almost four years since her birth, Fu Bao is preparing to move to China, the ancestral home of giant pandas. “Did somebody call my name?“ “It’s

SC&T Office Spotlight: Cairo

Having spent some time in Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group’s Riyadh Office in Saudi Arabia earlier this month, we now head to the Egyptian capital as we stay in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region for this latest edition in our SC&T Office Spotlight series. Steeped in

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