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Building by the sea: Samsung C&T’s Marine Projects

Some movies about the future depict undersea cities where people live and work. While humans are not building metropolises below the oceans yet, there is more and more marine construction going on, because the sea offers infinite possibilities and resources. Building structures and infrastructure in, under, and next to the

At Everland, Everything’s Coming Up Roses

Why do people find roses so captivating? Maybe it’s because they’re both delicate and strong, showing beauty even in tough times. Or perhaps it’s their lovely smell that people are attracted to, a small that causes us to feel love and excitement. Either way, roses are a symbol of love

Getting to know: Hydrogen fueling stations

A lot is written about hydrogen these days. While hopes are rising that it can be one of the world’s most important energy solutions, there are also questions about how practical that is. What’s interesting is that we could be set to witness a shift in hydrogen’s primary usage from

Everland and Caribbean Bay celebrate Family Month in May

Isn’t May a special month in Korea? There are lots of holidays and other commemorations in the month of May, and Korea’s spring weather is at its best. Everland and Caribbean Bay, both part of Samsung C&T Resort Group, celebrate May as “Family Month” and welcome families to visit Korea’s

Heart for Eye: Helping children see the Yeti

Doing something good for others while also benefiting from it gives a positive feeling. KUHO, the minimal-contemporary womenswear brand run by Samsung C&T Fashion Group, helps fashion shoppers help others while at the same time dressing to impress. For over 20 years, the Heart for Eye campaign has helped visually

Telling stories about human culture through construction

Every building tells a story. Some of the most interesting stories are told by buildings that serve cultural purposes. Houses and apartments tell the stories of home life, and offices and factories tell the stories of work life, while cultural spaces tell of the rich variety of experiences that humans

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