“Hi, Raemian” Brings Smart Home Essentials to Life

Connectivity, artificial intelligence (AI), and the “internet of things (IoT)” are concepts no longer considered novelties. A growing number of people use smart speakers in their living rooms or intelligent voice assistants on their phones. But what if you had a number of assistants around the house, ready to provide some of the most essential services around the clock?

“Hi, Raemian.”

Enter “Hi, Raemian,” a smart home system developed by Samsung C&T Engineering and Construction Group, specifically for its luxury apartment brand Raemian. Two of E&C Group’s Raemian complexes most recently sold in South Korea’s capital Seoul are outfitted with it.

The intelligence system is composed of four key platforms: the IoT Home Pad, Smart Kitchen TV, Home Cube, and Smart Info Display 2.0. Combined with its One Pass Tag – a wearable smart fob – and state-of-the-art security system, connected to the home entrance, “Hi, Raemian” offers an abundance of options for controlling various parts of the home.

With many of its features powered by voice recognition, “Hi, Raemian,” shines especially when you’re pushed for time during some of the busiest hours of the day. Here’s how the voice-controlled smart home system can streamline your life.

8:00 AM Mad Morning Rush

You’ve done it again. You wake up and realize you forgot to set your alarm. You only have a couple of hours to get to a client meeting, so you jump out of bed and rush to get dressed. Once you’re ready to go, you head straight for the IoT Home Pad in the living room.

“Hi, Raemian. Going out.” It’s as simple as that. In two minutes, your lights will be off, gas valve closed, security system on, and the Home Pad will have called the elevator.

Down at the parking lot, you head straight to your car because you know exactly where it is. Every time you park, you tag the vehicle’s location using the One Pass Tag. All it takes is a short press on one of the fob’s buttons, which sends a signal to the closest sensor in the lot, and that data is automatically stored on your home system.

12:00 PM Almost Home

The meeting went well, but you’ve been out for a while in the cold. What you really want is to step into a nice and toasty home, so out comes your smartphone. A simple tap lets you turn up the heat. You can control other things as well, like your air conditioner and power outlets, but your favorite is turning the lights on at night when you’re away for long stretches of time.

12:30 PM On Deadline

Your original plan, of course, was to wake up early and get some work done, but now, the deadline for a story that’s due could not be any tighter. From the parking lot, you rush through the building’s entrance, thankful that your One Pass Tag automatically opens the doors and sends the elevator for you.

There’s no need to fumble around for keys at the door, because you can unlock it with your fingerprints – just one of the four options available for your smart door.

Coming back is as simple as leaving. Once you’re inside, a simple, “Hi, Raemian. I’m back,” will switch the lights back on for you, check for messages from the building management office, and alert you of any parcel deliveries or visits that were made while you were away.

Now, it’s time to get that story out.

7:00 PM Hands Full of Groceries

It feels good to have gone for a run after sitting at the desk for so many hours. You’ve also come back with a bag full of groceries, so this time you use facial recognition to unlock the door (the two other methods are using your One Pass Tag and punching in your passcode). It only takes 1.7 seconds for the system to recognize your face, using 6,000 points of reference. All you need to do is stand in front of the camera, and it automatically detects you are there. 

After quickly changing, you’re ready to cook dinner. The Smart Kitchen TV is a huge time saver when cooking, since you don’t have to worry about wiping your hands and drying them each time you want to look up a recipe. Simply say, “search recipes” and the name of the dish you desire, and the system draws from some 200 different recipes. You can even scroll down and set up timers, all with your voice. If you’re working on an elaborate meal, you even have the option of watching TV or listening to the radio.

8:00 PM Time to Unwind

Your work for the day is finally done, and it’s time to put your feet up. The air feels a little stuffy after all that running around today, so you ask Home Cube – a portable smart controller that can be placed anywhere in the house – for fine dust levels in the house. It tells you levels are pretty bad, so you ask it to turn ventilation on.

Now, it’s time to catch a movie. “Hi, Raemian. Lights off,” you say, without lifting a finger.

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