Creating a beautiful lived environment from the outside in with landscaping

Humans have evolved to be see beauty in landscapes with open areas, grass, water, and scattered trees. This is why green spaces are so important to us and why we like to live near them. Landscaping in residential areas not only feeds this primeval desire for nature, by also purifies the air and psychologically benefits modern urbanized humans.

Samsung C&T’s Engineering & Construction Group focuses much energy on landscaping to add beauty to apartment complexes and to provide better areas for residents to rest and unwind. The Group is also leading the way in promoting the growth of Korean native plants. Let’s take a closer look at the E&C Group’s passion for landscaping.

A little nature in our everyday lives

As the quality of our living environment grows, the interest in nature increases apace, moving even city dwellers to seek to have nature close to them in their daily lives. Samsung C&T’s Engineering & Construction Group strives to create green spaces so that its apartments can meet the needs of residents indoors and outdoors. The E&C Group has a department dedicated to apartment landscaping, bringing natural scenery into housing complexes, to provide a space where residents can find peace of mind and enjoy clean air, green grass, trees, and water features.

The landscaping of Samsung C&T’s premier apartment brand Raemian, known as Nature Gallery, brings design techniques to the oft-neglected spaces behind and around apartment buildings, beautifying them and pleasing the residents.

Recognized for the beauty of its apartment landscaping​

The E&C Group’s landscaping work is being recognized – and not just by residents. Dongnae Raemian Ipark Apartment Complex in Busan won a 2023 Asia Design Prize, making it the third time in as many years that it has received this award. The Asia Design Prize was established in 2016 to recognize excellent social designs in three categories: space / architecture, communication, and industrial. A total of 154 winners out of 1051 entries from 22 countries were selected for the 2023 Asia Design Prize, with Samsung C&T E&C Group picking an honor for its Mist Garden in the space / architecture category.

In 2021, the Piloti Garden at Raemian Leaders One apartment complex in Seoul netted Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction Group the Grand Prize in the Asia Design Prize.

Adding beauty to ESG management practices

As well as working to create beautiful landscaping, Samsung C&T’s Engineering & Construction Group is working hard to create an ecologically sustainable space. To further this aim, it has signed a business agreement with the Korea Arboreta and Gardens Institute (KoAGI) to make use of the best native Korean plants with quality verified by KoAGI in its Raemian complexes.

The Group plans to lead the practice of its ESG management goals by contributing to the revitalization of local plant nurseries while simultaneously preserving local biodiversity.

For example, the plants selected by KoAGI last October as Garden Pants of the Year for 2022 have been planted in the Raemian One Bailey apartment complex, and there are plans to incorporate future Garden Plants of the Year each year to new Raemian complexes.

In addition, Samsung C&T plans to plant native tree species that KoAGI wants to grow in urban areas in Raemian complexes, so that they can be seen in Samsung C&T apartments. Moreover, E&C Group aims to identify various plants with verified quality, activate the development of new varieties by local farmers, and contribute to expanding sales channels and the spread of gardening culture.

Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction Group understands the human desire to live near and see nature and responds to it by developing various landscaping concepts and creating ecologically sustainable residential spaces. In doing so, the construction group is leading residential landscaping trends and its efforts to provide value to the residents of apartment houses are being recognized. Samsung C&T will continue to make efforts to preserve and enrich the urban ecosystem through the use of native plants, as well as creating high-quality residential spaces.

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