Seasons in Splendor: A Yearlong Celebration at Raemian Gallery

The end of the year is a good time to look back and reflect on the past 12 months. How did Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction Group’s Raemian Gallery spend 2023? In Korea, which has four very distinct seasons, Samsung C&T has been holding exhibitions themed for each of them. Let’s find out what the Raemian Gallery has set up for this winter, and also look back on what they’ve done for the other seasons.

Raemian Gallery

Raemian is a premium brand of apartment buildings constructed by Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction Group. In fact, it is Korea’s first true apartment brand, launched in 2000. Raemian Gallery, located in Seoul’s Songpa district, is a special place where visitors can see new designs, plans, and concepts for apartment buildings and apartment interiors.

The Gallery building itself, designed by world-renowned architect Nader Tehrani, embodies Raemian’s philosophy of pursuing harmony between tradition and modernity, nature and cutting-edge elements. In particular, its impressive glass exterior blends seamlessly with a park nearby. Furthermore, Raemian Gallery is the first apartment brand gallery in Korea to hold special rotating seasonal exhibitions.

The exterior of the Raemian Gallery

Christmas highlighted at Raemian Gallery

The seasonal pop-up exhibitions started earlier this year, after Raemian Gallery was renovated last year. The current and last exhibition of 2023 is  Christmas in the HighLight, which has been open since late November.

This end-of-year Yuletide exhibition is designed to welcome visitors into a Christmas-themed world with swirling snowflakes and bright, colorful decorations.

“Snow Light” is the name given to one exhibition space decorated to look as if fresh snow has fallen indoors and adorned with Christmas trees and large gift boxes. Another part is “Star Light” that gives the feeling of looking out into the night sky and seeing the stars. A huge Christmas tree festooned with lights takes up pride of place in the center of Raemian Gallery, inviting visitors to use it as a location for photography.

While at Raemian Gallery, visitors can take part in a variety of fun activity programs, including cross-stitching and coloring. The Christmas in the HighLight exhibition will continue until Jan. 21, 2024, so there is still time to see it while also admiring modern apartments designed by Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction Group.

What other seasonal exhibitions were held at Raemian Gallery this year?

A journey through Raemian Gallery's dynamic exhibitions

Raemian Gallery exhibitions offer many different rooms and spaces, each with a different theme, color, or motif. Photography is welcomed in each space to create lasting memories of a visit to Raemian Gallery.

The first exhibition at Raemian Gallery this year was entitled Flower Shower, held from March to May. Parts of the gallery’s interior were filled with flowers, giving visitors a chance to sit, relax, and enjoy the feeling of spring while looking at flowers and Raemian model apartment exteriors and interiors.

In July and August, a summer-themed exhibition called Smile Colorpop was held. On display were a number of two- and three-dimensional works of art by famous “pop” artists. The overarching theme was colorful smiles and laughter. Just like summer, the exhibition was bright and full of lively colors. For the duration of the exhibition, a pop-up store was opened in collaboration between Samsung C&T’s E&C Group and Resort Group.

The fall exhibition, held from September to the beginning of November, was named The Highlights. Just as some feel that fall is the highlight of all four seasons, Raemian Gallery created a show around the concept of finding the most beautiful and happiest moments in life at Raemian. One part of the exhibition gave visitors a feeling of walking through the Milky Way Galaxy, while another part presented a new interpretation of the look and feel of a Raemian apartment.

Beyond the exhibit: A cultural oasis, where every season unfolds in splendor

The Raemian Gallery is open year-round (except on Mondays), not just when there are season-themed exhibitions. Exceeding 130,000 visitors in 2023, Raemian Gallery aims to break away from the existing stereotype of typical model houses and provide a cultural and relaxation space for families to visit. With this vision, Raemian Gallery will continue to delight its visitors with constantly changing, exciting, and attractive exhibitions to come.

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