Samsung C&T Fashion helps find the right gifts for loved ones

When is it better to give than to receive? Surely this is always true. Maybe it is the joyous decorations and cheerful music that makes Christmas a time when that feeling is somehow more palpable. The act of giving a present to a family member, friend, colleague, or other loved one brings pleasure. Choosing the right present involves care and consideration and also a little time. Here are some gift ideas for your loved ones this Christmas.

Sniffing out a good gift

1.[Bamford] Geranium hand and body wash & lotion gift set
2.[Bamford] Fig lead willow diffuser
3.[Maison Louis Marie] Perfume discovery set
4.[Ellis Brooklyn] Sweet au de parfum

Everybody likes a pleasant fragrance.  Smelling good starts with a daily shower or bath. A gently scented hand and body wash is an excellent way to start on the right note. A lotion infused with a natural fragrance gives the skin much needed care after bathing. Therefore, a body wash and lotion set makes a nice gift.

If you want to give something that will spread a delicate scent throughout a home or workplace, a diffuser is just the trick. Some diffusers are elegantly simple: Reeds or sticks resting in a container of scented oil absorb the oil and circulate it in the form of tiny droplets through the air.

Perfume is an ever-popular gift, but it can be tough to decide which scent to choose for a loved one. Not to worry: several perfume houses have created sets of small containers that make it possible to economically give a variety of fragrances all at once.

Label C, a lifestyle and beauty shop run by Samsung C&C Fashion Groups, curates quality brands such as Bamford and Maison Louise Marie, which make high-end scented goods.

Keeping warm all winter

1) ami Ami De Coeur Scarf - Dark Grey 2) kuho plus Cable Knit Long Gloves - Grey 3) BEANPOLE ACCESSORY Wool cable knit gloves ivory 4) BEANPOLE KIDS We Bare Bears socks set of 3 5) kuho plus Button point balaclava mint

1. [Ami]De Coeur Scarf – Dark Grey
2. [Kuho plus] Cable Knit Long Gloves – Grey
3. [BEANPOLE ACCESSORY] Wool cable knit gloves ivory
4. [BEANPOLE KIDS] We Bare Bears socks set of 3
5. [Kuho plus] Button point balaclava mint

Christmas means winter, and that means trying to keep warm when the temperatures drop to freezing or below. The most important parts of your body to keep warm are your extremities – your head, hands, and feet. Luckily, there are many attractive options to keep those parts warm.

A warm scarf around your neck can feel like a tender embrace. Choose one that looks good but also feels pleasant on bare skin. As an alternative to a scarf, an open-faced long balaclava combines warmth for the head and face as well as the neck – like a three-in-one warmer.

Socks for Christmas are a common gift, so choose some socks with flair. There are plenty of cute sock styles to choose from, and socks can be a subtle way for a person to show off an individual style.

Hands feel much warmed inside a pair of gloves or mittens. Not all gloves are alike – nowadays some people prefer long gloves that stretch (almost) to the elbow.

Hold on to the feeling of giving

1) [BEAKER] ICHENDORF Alice Tealight White Rabbit With Berry 2) [BEAKER] ICHENDORF Woodland Tales Jug Fox&Wish Tree 3) [BEAKER] ICHENDORF TUTU Red Wines 4) KUHO Eco Fur Bucket Bag Grey 5) ami Adc Cardholder - Taupe

1.[BEAKER] ICHENDORF Alice Tealight White Rabbit With Berry
2.[BEAKER] ICHENDORF Woodland Tales Jug Fox&Wish Tree
4.[KUHO] Eco Fur Bucket Bag Grey
5.[Ami] Adc Cardholder – Taupe

One of the most useful gifts to give is something that holds something else. An attractive container, bag, or case is always welcome. For example, instead of setting a tealight candle simply on a saucer, put it in an attractive holder made of glass. Rather than a flat-bottomed wine glass, pour your wine into a glass with a base in the form of an upturned bowl. And instead of a plain jug to hold water or juice, try one with a colorful handle and a figurine inside.

It is wise to have a variety of bags to suit the mood, outfit, and occasion. Bucket bags have been all the rage for a while, but what about one made from eco fur? It looks fluffy and warm and is also practical.

In these increasingly cashless times, a capacious wallet may not be as necessary as a multiple card holder to store the various financial cards, key cards, and business cards that you need throughout the day.

Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s  “culture blending union” BEAKER, with its three flagship stores in Seoul’s Hannam, Cheongdam, and Seongsu neighborhoods, proudly brings together homeware and accessory items such as those above in fun, playful spaces for you to admire and consider their potential as gifts.

This Christmas, with a little thought and careful searching, you can surely find some excellent presents to surprise and please your friends and family – while you enjoy the good feelings that come from giving.

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