Engineering & Construction

Engineering & Construction

Smart Series Part 4: Hardware Advances Set to Revolutionize Construction Industry

Note: This is the latest in a series of articles on the Samsung C&T Newsroom that examine how technological innovations such as smart devices, the Internet of Things (IoT), advanced software, drones and robotics are currently transforming the world of housing, construction, fashion and leisure. In a recent Smart Series piece, the Samsung C&T Newsroom

Growing Out: How Land Reclamation Is Expanding Horizons

The Dutch have a popular expression: “God created the Earth, but the Dutch created the Netherlands.” Indeed, centuries ago, the modern city of Amsterdam was covered by the North Sea. So how did it – and much of the rest of the country – come up to surface? The answer

Samsung C&T Wins Top Award at Singapore Safety Awards Event

Samsung C&T has won the highest possible recognition for its stringent safety standards from Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA). The company scooped the Grand Prize at the LTA’s Annual Safety Award Convention (ASAC). The event was held on September 21, and marked the ASAC’s 18th anniversary. The ASAC is a convention

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