Practical ideas for back-to-school fashions in spring 2023

The start of a new school semester brings with it a familiar excitement: Who will be in my class? Who is my teacher? Will I make a new friend? It is also a time when sales of school supplies and school clothes shoot up, as parents make efforts to equip their child for the best possible start to the semester. One recent survey in Korea found that sales of stationery sets and backpacks increased by 226 and 149 percent, respectively, in the first three weeks of February ahead of the new school year. As this will be the first semester for a couple of years in which hygiene masks no longer need to be worn in class, it is natural that children want to look their best at school.

Classic essentials with a new twist

In the spring semester the weather can still be quite cool, particularly in the first month or two, so a coat or other warm outerwear is still necessary. There is good value to be found in a coat that can be worn multiple ways, for example by reversing it, or by transforming it into a dress by fastening or removing a detail.

Left: Beanpole KIDS Check reversible trench coat- beige
Right: Beanpole KIDS Trench coat and dress- beige

A comfortable cardigan is just the thing for spring. It provides a layer of warmth when the weather is chilly, but can it easily be taken off and hung over a chair when things get warmer. Boys and girls look equally good in cardigans, and these days there is a lot of variety in appearance: zipper or button fastening, with or without hoodie, and logo or no logo.

It’s a set-up!

When buying clothes for children, it can be tough to put together outfits that go well together in terms of color, pattern, and style. To take the guesswork out of young fashion shopping, better clothing brands offer set-ups, or sets, with matching tops and bottoms. A set-up makes life convenient for parents who do not have limitless time to look for individual items in the right size for their child. And for children who have a strong preference for certain colors, single-tone set-ups are an easy way to dress them head to foot in a single shade.

It’s all in the bag

Even a schoolbag is much more than simply a carrier for books, stationery, and lunch. A bag is a fashion statement in itself, saying something about its bearer. And while a schoolboy or girl may not physically grow out of a bag in the same way they grow out of their clothes, after a semester or two most bags begin to look a little worn and tired, a sign that it might be time to get a new one. Backpacks are a classic type of bag whose weight is carried evenly on both shoulders of the student, which is good for posture and spine health. Some backpacks come with a matching auxiliary tote bag into which a child can place their lunch, sports shoes or other items.

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