Away with the fairies – in Fairy Town

Have you ever wanted to visit a fairyland? Now it is possible at Korea’s premier theme park. From March to June there is a real fantasy Fairy Town open in the heart of Everland, south of Seoul, where you can recharge your bliss batteries, find around 120 fairies, and admire the beautiful spring flowers.

Do you see the fairies too?

This spring, Everland has a treat for all those who believe in little creatures that are on this earth to help humans: a Fairy Town. In the one-hectare Four Seasons Garden there is now a newly opened village of fairies who have come to bring humans happiness.
Who let the fairies in? There are 120 delightful sprites in the Four Seasons Garden.
People who visit Everland for the next 3 months will be conceptually taken to another dimension called Evertopia, where humans and fairies commune with each other to maximize the energy of bliss.
There are endless locations to take creative and fun photos.
In collaboration with K-pop artistic creative teams Flipevil and MU:E, who worked on the music videos of K-pop stars IU and Jay Park on the one hand and BTS and PSY on the other, the staff of Everland has created a fantastic and beautiful fairy pop-up village, just like the set of a fairy-filled music video.

It’s time to take photos with fairies

Thanks to the hard work of the combined work of Everland, Flipevil, and MU:E, there are no fewer than 120 fairy images, statues and sculptures throughout Fairy Town, including a 9-meter-tall butterfly fairy, tulip fairies, and mirror fairies.
Are we in Holland? No, we are among the tulips at Everland’s Fairy Town.
Against the beautiful backdrops created by the artistic designers and the flowers, there are countless places that are ideal for taking photos of oneself or one’s companions, whether they be fairy or human. Here, young and old can indulge their childlike imagination and innocence in a fantasy trip to a parallel universe.
It is the season for fairies, flowers, and parades.
Meanwhile, the massive 24-meter by 11-meter LED screen in the middle of the Four Seasons Garden play Fairy Town story videos produced by Flipevil throughout the day. And in the evenings, special performances take place in which special effects like video, lighting, sound, and lasers combine to create a mysterious and dream-like atmosphere, opening a huge portal to another dimension: the door to Evertopia.

All aboard the train to the Happiness Institute

The Four Seasons Garden is now full of brightly colored spring flowers, and the Four Seasons Train that tours it each day has been transformed into a Fairy Train, while Everland cast members dressed as fairies greet the passengers as they board.

In Fairy Town there is a Happiness Research Institute, where fairies study human happiness and how to improve it. Visitors can receive customized printed prescriptions on how to increase their own happiness. At the nearby Fairy Beauty Salon, visitors can be transformed into fairies themselves by trying on fairy costumes, wigs, makeup, and props, and join in a parade with other fairies.

Fairy flower power

In addition to a fairyland fantasia, Everland’s Four Seasons Garden is also festooned with flora. Over one million blooms of more than 100 types, including tulips, daffodils, and muscari, are filling the space with their colors, petals, and scents.
There are so many colors to behold and enjoy.
Outside the garden, the Sky Garden Trail is open from March 24 to show off the different types of plum blossoms that bloom each spring. Hundreds of plum trees will be decorated with these little pink buds and giving off their faint aroma as people walk by.
Fireworks and parades are held regularly at Everland.

To mark the arrival of spring, large outdoor performances such as fireworks shows and character parades, which Everland is famous for, will begin again from March 17. More information can be found on the Everland website.

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