Wedding guest attire that showcases your personal style

May, the height of spring beauty, is a time of many weddings. The promise of a spring wedding, with abundant flowers and warm weather, makes many couples choose this month to get married. That in turn prompts invited guests to ponder “what to wear?”

Of course, even for a guest, weddings are all about elegance and class. It is the highlight of many people’s social calendars, a chance to see old friends, make new acquaintances (maybe even meet a marriageable partner?) and to show off one’s fashion sense.

This summer, the officecore trend, which emphasizes formality while reflecting one’s individual personality, has shifted the focus of womenswear onto thin and transparent fabrics. Sheer blouses or skirts that reveal a glimpse of skin add a cool, romantic touch to your overall look.

Samsung C&T Fashion Group proposes some stylish and sophisticated wardrobe additions for wedding guests for this month.

Sheer sophistication

A blouse made of a sheer fabric emphasizes a woman’s femininity. Sheer fabric exudes a captivating allure, effortlessly blending sensuality with sophistication. The translucent nature of sheer cloth adds an element of intrigue, allowing a tasteful glimpse of that which is hidden while maintaining an elegant charm. Sheer blouses grant a delightful opportunity to embrace both femininity and fashion-forwardness, as they effortlessly elevate any outfit.

This spring, look for sheer shirts in pastel colors like lavender and apple green, such as those created by kotelo, or a lively print, like one pictured above from KUHO. Paired with a tasteful jacket and pants in a coordinated ensemble, a sheer blouse creates an elegant and delicate look. Alternatively, it can be combined with a skirt to achieve a soft and romantic vibe. It’s good to experiment with different styles, colors, and patterns to find the perfect combination that suits your own personal taste and style, while adding a touch of romance to your wedding outfit.     

Tweed lifts the tone

A jacket and skirt ensemble is always a winning combination as an outfit to a wedding, especially when both parts are made of the same fabric, creating a unified look and also drawing people’s gaze.

When it comes to fabric, there are few that can match a good quality tweed in terms of elevating the level of refinement and chic. The classic elegance of tweed always attracts attention, and there are tweed items that look and feel great even in summer, such as short-sleeved tweed jackets and lightweight tweed tops and skirts.

Choosing a dress that matches your style

When looking for the right garment for a special occasion, like a late spring wedding or a summer garden party, it’s a great idea to invest in a dress that aligns with your personal sense of beauty. You can opt for a more formal-looking gown-type dress to show off its lines and cut. Another way is to wear a simpler dress and accessorize it with bold, chunky jewelry, for example, to draw the eyes. As a wedding guest, it is possible to create a stylish and eye-catching look without upstaging the bride.

For example, how about an H-line long dress with a clean silhouette, featuring ruffled organza at the sleeve ends for an added touch of mystique? Or perhaps a dress or Italian viscose that gives off a refined, formal mood? For something quite different, a dress made from a cotton-silk blend with colorful pattern prints that are reminiscent of a watercolor painting can achieve the desired look. These are all suggested by LEBEIGE for this season.

 Alternatively, KUHO has released a long, wrap-style dress with a layered look for wedding guests this season. With its slim waistline and gradually widening skirt, this dress emphasizes femininity. A sheer fabric for contrast at the bottom adds a refreshing touch of luxury.

 A spokesperson from Samsung C&T Fashion Group, “As fashion trends continue to prioritize individual preferences and personalities, individuals are achieving their own desired look for dressing at a wedding, looking distinctive while still formal,” adding, “For classic wedding items such as matching ensembles, long dresses, and blouses, we encourage wedding guests to incorporate materials like tweed and sheer fabrics to express their own unique style.”


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