Everland’s YouTube Fanbase Grows to 2.5 Million Worldwide

Learn about Everland’s three YouTube channels, which now have a cumulative total of 2.5 million subscribers, the content they post about animals, including pandas, and why their videos have won the hearts of millions.

Everland has recently hit an exciting milestone by becoming the first YouTube channel in the resort industry to gain 2.5 million subscribers. It is rewarding to see that the hard work and passion that goes into creating videos for Everland’s fanbase is being recognized. We wanted to reintroduce you to Everland’s YouTube channels and highlight why you should become a subscriber.

Pandas at Everland Korea play together at Panda World in a YouTube video
An Everland YouTube video titled 'I love you more than I did yesterday'

Welcome to Everland’s YouTube World

Everland currently operates three YouTube channels; ‘With Everland,’ ‘PPUPPA TV: animal world,’ and ‘titanam’. As of today, the three channels have a combined total of 2.5 million subscribers with 1.4 million, 770,000, and 330,000 respectively. They also have a total of 4,300 videos that have amassed a jaw-dropping total of 1.26 billion views.

A graphic image showing Everland Korea's three YouTube channels with the total subscriber count listed.

Everland’s Main Channel: With Everland

Everland’s main YouTube channel features the latest trends and events taking place at Everland to an audience of 1.4 million people. Some of the content includes chronicles of the loveable Bao panda family and the Happy Rose Garden. Everland’s main channel became the first channel to earn a Gold YouTube Play Button in the resort industry after surpassing 1 million subscribers last July!

PPUPPA TV: Animal World

Everland’s ‘PPUPPATV: animal world’ channel, also known as PPUPPA TV, gained popularity with its iconic panda content. The content follows the exciting lives of the zookeepers at Panda World and their adorable interactions with their resident panda family. Daily moments of other animals living in Everland’s Zootopia such as tigers and giraffes are also captured on the PPUPPA TV channel, making it a must-watch for animal lovers!


‘Titanam’ is a channel that gives Everland employees the opportunity to be YouTube creators and take viewers behind-the-scenes. They even collaborate with celebrity guests! The channel became a sensation in 2022 by leading the ‘Soulless’ trend on social media. The trend challenged creators to make content with a bland and expressionless face which was an enormous success. The channel continues to thrive and captivate viewers with its exciting collaborations and unique YouTube Shorts videos.

What is the secret to Everland’s YouTube success?

Everland’s YouTube channels have struck a chord with the public, captivating the hearts of many around the world with their healing content. The channels provide heartwarming animal videos that give viewers a front-row seat to the lives of the animals in Zootopia from the comfort of their homes. Series such as ‘Panda Story’ and ‘Everland Lost Valley’ capture the special bonds between animals and their zookeepers and attract a strong fanbase regardless of age or background. The videos of twin baby pandas Rui Bao and Hui Bao have also won a place in the hearts of a wide audience. Since their first video was published in July, the panda twin superstars have gained 200 million views, surpassing the record of their older sister, Fu Bao, who relocated to her new home in China in March 2024.

Everland’s YouTube content is more than just videos of cute animals and their irresistible charm. Everland work hard to create videos that highlight the amazing work of their staff by conducting interviews and going behind the scenes of the daily lives of employees. The channels also highlight the beautiful landscape of Everland’s vast grounds and capture the magic of the changing seasons with drone footage. Viewers can also experience Everland’s rides and popular attractions through their screen through their videos. It is safe to say that the Everland YouTube channel is not your typical corporate business channel; they are pushing the boundaries to offer unique and engaging content to viewers year-round.

What is next for Everland on YouTube?

With no plans to slow down, Everland are “committed to ensuring that our viewers can immerse themselves in the diverse offerings of Everland anytime, anywhere” and will “continue to develop our channels to deliver even more healing and therapeutic experience to our viewers.” Recently launched Panda series include ‘Love’s Parenting Diary’, ‘Le Bao is LOVE’, and ‘Oh with DoongDoong’, which are setting the tone for what is yet to come. If cute animals are not really your thing, there is something for plant lovers too! Everland will launch a new series called ‘Doctor Lee’s Flower Breeze Season 2’ in June. This series will highlight Everland’s beautifully decorated themed gardens and fascinating stories behind various flowers and trees.

Join Everland’s growing fanbase

With content being released regularly on Everland’s YouTube channels, there is always something to enjoy with the whole family. Do not forget to turn on the English subtitles when you watch to fully immerse yourself in the viewing experience!

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