On foreign beaches without leaving the city

What are things that people miss about summer holidays? Lying in a hammock by a palm tree while gazing at the sea or sipping a cocktail at a beachside café must surely be high on the list.

These things are now possible at Caribbean Bay’s newly opened Mar Caribe Bayside Café. Since Caribbean Bay opened as a water park in 1996, it has been at the forefront of the water park cultural revolution in Korea, and now it has renewed itself by adding this outdoor tropical holiday themed hot spot.

A quick trip to the beach in the city

Spanish for “Caribbean Sea,” Mar Caribe opened on April 30 beside the outdoor wave pool. Caribbean Bay already captures the atmosphere of an 18th century pirates’ hideout with its sculptures and skeletons, but now its theme also makes you feel like you are on the beach of an overseas resort.

An overhaul and renewal of Caribbean Bay’s facilities and an upgrade of its service have together created Mar Caribe as a place where people can really soak in the vibe of being an overseas resort without traveling too far from home.

Right in front of the outdoor wave pools 17 palm trees up to 7 meters tall have been planted to create an exotic beach feel, which is enhanced by a “healing zone” filled with 260 different things to relax on, from hammocks and beanbags to wicker sofas and hanging chairs. Here is where the tired city worker can relax and just chill out, alone or with friends and family.

Meanwhile, nearby is an “island zone” with a beachside bar that serves fruit juice, beer and cocktails, served by bartenders who have won international competitions for flair bartending and can give cocktail shows. In addition, a special menu influenced by Caribbean and Latin American culinary culture has been cooked up at Mar Caribe, offering dishes such as paella, fajitas and ceviche to hungry beachgoers.

For those who love coffee, baristas are also on hand or serve a selection of ice cream, desserts and baked goods.

Don’t forget to take selfies!

In addition to enticing rest areas and tasty food, Caribbean Bay’s Mar Caribe also offers more active things to enjoy.

The outdoor wave pool features a huge sculpture of the moon measuring 10 meters in diameter. This striking lunar model lights up at night, reflecting on the surface of the water. Whether day or night time, this moon provides a stunning backdrop for selfies. There is also a statue made of sand in the shape of a pirate sailing ship and there is a selfie mirror zone for families with children too.

Fun performances are given in front of the wave pool by professional circus acrobats and fire dancers. There are also games people can play like table soccer and beer pong.

Every weekend through the month of May there are diving programs, allowing visitors to experience the underwater fun of free diving, scuba diving, and mermaid diving.

Mar Caribe is open from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. every day until early June. It is also possible to stop by for short visit after a trip to Everland or to combine it with a trip to Forest Camp, Home Bridge Cabin Hostel, or Everland Speedway. Meanwhile, specific operation hours may vary from time to time depending on the weather.

Caribbean Bay’s water park facilities such as the Aquatic Center and Mega Storm are scheduled to open in stages from late May, but the outdoor wave pool area will continue to operate as Mar Caribe until early June.

More details can be found on Everland’s website.

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