Passion & Expertise: Harnessing hardship, emerging stronger together

One of the most efficient ways to join metals is by welding them together using a lot of heat. It may be fitting then that Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group’s Hot Rolled Steel Group members have not only been able to withstand the heat of the pandemic, but also to join together stronger than before.

Over the last couple of years, they have had to cope with the emergence of various issues, including supply shortages and logistics volatility. Let’s find out what kept them on track and how they maintained a strong team spirit throughout.

Sailing through the market storm

As the pandemic posed tremendous challenges to trading companies, supply chains slowed or halted and prices skyrocketed. It became clear that the Hot Rolled Steel Group needed to both maintain strong relationships with their existing suppliers and open new pathways.

One important way the group’s team members found was to draw on and develop their market expertise. Because being sensitive to commodity movements can make all the difference.

They knew that iron and steel are not merely consumables, but rather industrial consumables. This means their prices are greatly affected by such factors as trade regulations, raw material prices, and diplomatic crises, rather than merely by supply and demand.

With that in mind, the team found solutions by studying their markets even more closely. While examining economic and social trends, they were better able to predict the impact of changing factors on their relevant businesses.


Composure and getting back to basics

When a trading situation becomes fraught with tension and complexity, there is also a lot to be said for getting the basics right.

During those pandemic uncertainties, the Hot Rolled Steel Group found that partners appreciated their calm collective attitude, which they fostered by avoiding mishaps and unnecessary risks – partly by checking all aspects of their work meticulously and cross-checking with colleagues.

Even small errors can lead to big losses when handling iron and steel goods. If amendments do need to be made, they should happen without delay. For instance, the Hot Rolled Steel Group had to quickly correct the design of a product that was already in production. They achieved it through cooperation, as all the team members combined to work together.

Teamwork based on diversity

So, how were they able to work so efficiently as a team? Cooperation is clearly vital across the board for just about any company. While that is especially the case when you are looking at a trading company with various interests as well as colleagues and partners based around the world, the members of the Hot Rolled Steel Group feel their diversity is their strength.

In other words, their teamwork is strengthened by the variety of items handled by the group. As the members work on a wide range of items and business models, they can learn a lot from each other through encouragement and support, without worrying about competition within their team.

If the Hot Rolled Steel Group has been able to stand united in the face of the challenges presented by the pandemic era, it seems they have the strength to thrive going forward. One thing is for sure – they will be there for each other, checking the small details, asking questions, finding solutions, and building on their diversity.

We conclude this article with the words of the Hot Rolled Steel Group members below.

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