A world of 2023 snowmen at Everland

Each season, Everland shows the world a new face. Korea’s premiere theme park is transformed every few months to delight visitors young and old with a new theme that suits the time of year.

Can you count all 2,023 snowmen (and snow women and snow bunnies)?

From Dec. 1, 2022 until March 1, 2023, there are no fewer than 2,023 snowmen in Everland, transforming part of the park into Snowman World. And as 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit in the Oriental zodiac, a super-sized rabbit can be found here too. That and the special activities will remind adults of childhood winter memories and give children a thrill of discovery and joy.

A blizzard of snowmen

The 10,000-square-meter Four Seasons Garden is the jewel in Everland’s crown, with a new luster each season. This year it has been invaded – in a friendly way – by snowmen, 2,203 of them to be exact, the same as next year’s number. Just like snowflakes, no two snowmen are alike.

There are big and little snowmen, one dressed in a Hanbok, the traditional Korean costume, and one as a Buckingham Palace guard. One has a tan, as if it has just come from a tropical beach, while others resemble Matryoshka dolls. Half the fun is finding all the snowmen, as some are not obvious to the untrained eye.

These snowmen appear to have come from all over the world to stand in Everland.

While one giant 4-meter-high snowman incorporates a music box and mirror balls constantly twirling to the music, another is cleverly disguised as a huge Christmas tree.

Perhaps the most special of all the snowmen is the super-sized white rabbit sculpture, 7 meters long and 4 meters high. This snowy bunny occupies the center of the Four Seasons Garden, and, like so many of the fun, creative snowman dolls, it is a good place to take photos to share with family and friends, wishing for a Happy New Year.

Bringing artists to Everland

Apart from snowmen, young Korean artists have collaborated with Everland to spruce up the theme park and give it a warm glow.

Yislow, known for her drawings and paintings that exude a fairytale warmth through their pastel shades, has worked to reinterpret her unique LO&FRECKLES characters into three-dimensional pieces of art that fit the Snowman World theme, such as snowmen and Santa Clauses.

Everland takes on a new look in winter.

On the giant LED screen in the Four Seasons Garden, winter-themed media art video clips created by artists Mirim Chu and Sung Rok Choi will be shown, as well as 23 pieces of snowman art created by Everland visitors.

At night, the Four Seasons Garden is transformed and lit up by ultra-high-definition projectors shining onto the facades of the European style buildings in Everland’s famous Holland Village. Throughout the month of December, a multimedia show can be seen here that combines fireworks, laser light, videos, and music.

What’s your Christmas fantasy?

Christmas can be a magical time of year when everything seems possible. To give theme park visitors a sense of wonder, Everland has prepared a selection of exciting performances in its Christmas Fantasy in and around the Grand Stage and Holland Village.

The Christmas Fantasy Bling Bling Xmas Parade spreads joy and good cheer every day.

There is the daily Bling Bling Xmas Parade, with white snow flung around in time to upbeat Christmas carols, and twice daily performances of the Very Merry Santa Village, which tells the story of Santa Claus and his village. Don’t forget Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer – he’s here too.

Lenny and Lana, Everland’s cute and furry mascots, are the stars of the live musical show Lenny’s Great Adventure, which is also held every day on the Grand Stage. After each performance, actors will dance and sing carols with children in a special Christmas singalong.

In the Four Seasons Garden, the giant snow rabbit represents 2023, the Year of the Rabbit.

Around Holland Village there are performing buskers and costumed characters to take photos with visitors, and the Christmas Food Market is offering barbecue and other hot food to keep everybody warm and well-fed.

More information on Snowman World and the Christmas Fantasy can be found on the Everland website.

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