Fall in love with Everland in autumn

Autumn in Korea is always bursting with natural beauty. The skies seem bluer and higher than the rest of the year, and the sight of red, orange, and yellow leaves as they rain down from the trees seem like something from a gallery of impressionist art.

The autumn landscape at Everland is a sight to behold.

With its unique mixture of flora, fauna, and thrilling attractions, Korea’s premier theme park Everland captures various types of beauty in one place.


Trees for all seasons

Everland’s Forest Camp has hundreds of thousands of trees of many kinds, including gingko, maple, and zelkova. Gingko leaves are green through spring and summer but turn a golden yellow hue before dropping to the ground. Forest Camp has several paths for people to walk along and admire the views across the valley.

Visitors find peace and healing strolling the paths at Everland’s Forest Camp, Sky Plum Blossom Trail, and Four Seasons Garden.

Meanwhile, the Sky Plum Blossom Trail offers approximately one kilometer of walking trail between the fountain grass, aster, and treecotton.

In the Four Seasons Garden, the flowers of marigold and globe amaranth bloom in autumn, adding violet and yellow highlights to the abundant silver grass.


Furry friends in the zoo

Everland’s Zootopia in the autumn is a welcoming place. The weather is neither too hot nor too cold for the animal residents or their human visitors. Divided into mini-zoos and specialty sections such as Ppuppa Town, Panda World, Lost Valley, Safari World, and Super Wings, there is something for every type of animal lover to see.

The animal denizens of Everland’s Zootopia are looking their best.

Always popular with guests are squirrel monkeys, ring-tailed lemurs, meerkats, parrots, pandas, and tigers, especially when their zookeepers interact with them, such as at feeding times. In Ppuppa Town, the large rodent capybaras, also known as swimming pigs, are known for their ability to get along with other animals, as well as their penchant for swimming.

All aboard for spectacular views

Asked what Everland’s most popular thrill ride is, most would answer that it must be T Express, among the steepest wooden rollercoaster in the world, and the longest in Asia, at over 1,600 meters. 

Even the thrilling rides at Everland look better in autumn.

At its peak point, the T Express rides 56 meters above the ground, giving its riders an amazing view over Everland and its autumn scenery – if they can keep their eyes open long enough just before the big drop.

Thunder Falls, Korea’s tallest log flume ride, is surrounded on all sides by thick forest, so just before the 20-meter sharp drop, riders can enjoy the view of trees shedding their leaves.

There are trees planted throughout Everland, so most of the theme park’s attractions are within view of nature’s beauty.

Let’s go for a drive

For those with their own car, a leisurely drive from the Maseong Tollgate on Yeongdong Expressway, past Everland’s western gate all the way up to the main gate is a beautiful 5-kilometer-long section of hillside road that takes in the trees from several different angles.

Driving in and around Everland provides startling views of great scenic beauty.

Furthermore, Everland’s Hoam Lake is a spectacular place to take photos of the trees reflected in the water, even after they lose their foliage.


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