Three ways to enjoy Everland this autumn

It’s no secret that autumn – or fall, if you prefer – is one of the most beautiful seasons in Korea. The weather is spectacular, the skies high and blue, and the leaves on the trees turn the most gorgeous colors before eventually falling to the ground.


What do you prefer doing in the autumn – walking, driving, or visiting an attraction? They’re all fun activities, and each person has their own favorite. Whichever it is, this autumn Everland has a number of awe-inspiring walks, drives, and attractions. Each of them is highlighted by thousands upon thousands of beautiful color-changing leaves and seasonal flowers.


Let’s walk together

A walk through Everland in the autumn is something that can clear your head and give you an appreciation of nature’s awesome beauty. Along the Sky Garden Trail, beginning near Columbus Adventure, there are tens of thousands of trees of many kinds, including plum and winged euonymus, zelkova, and kochia that dazzle the eyes of walkers with their fiery reds and golden yellows.


Transformed for autumn, Everland’s Four Seasons Garden blooms with marigolds, globe amaranths, and silver grass.

Everland is an ideal place to try out your skills as an amateur nature photographer. Apart from the trees, there are also 10 million seasonal flowers and plants, including marigold, globe amaranth, and silver grass, filling the Four Seasons Garden.

The golden canopy of Ginkgo Tree Road beckons people tired of the workaday world to come and de-stress.Each year the flaming red kochia bushes surprise visitors with their intense brightness. Looking down from the Sky Garden Trail, the Everland theme park looks like a picture on a postcard.

A walk along Ginkgo Tree Road, found by following the Rose Garden walking trail, will lead visitors under a canopy of golden ginkgo leaves. Be careful not to step on the fallen nuts!

Whether you are looking to take an energetic hike or just a leisurely stroll, the scenery of Everland is unsurpassable.


Driving through the countryside

Even the road to and from Everland provides stunning views, making for an enjoyable leisurely drive. The motorway that runs alongside the theme park to the main gate allows people a chance to gaze upon the beauty of the seasonal flora of Everland. As the road follows the curves of the mountainside, the changing colors of the leaves can be admired from many angles.

From any angle, kochia bushes are stunning. Not everything changes color in the autumn: Everland has evergreens too. There is a seemingly limitless variety of places to take photos at Everland.

What’s more, the picturesque Hoam Lake inside Everland adds to the charm of the drive. Each autumn, visitors come to take photos of the colorful trees reflected in the surface of the lake. The lake can be glimpsed through the trees as you travel along the road to the gates of Everland.


Time for fun and thrills

Once you have had your full of walking and driving through nature, it might be time to savor some of the unique attractions that Korea’s premier theme park has to offer. Everland’s rafting thrill ride Thunder Falls gives its passengers a 20-meter plunge on a fast-flowing water course. If you can take your eyes off the ride itself, look left and right to see the colorful autumn leaves just beyond reach on either side of the boat.

And who could forget T-Express, Everland’s top rollercoaster attraction, surrounded by mountains decorated with autumn leaves? When the train of cars reaches the top of the ride, 56 meters above the ground, just before the big downward drop you can take in the amazing view of the theme park in all its autumnal glory. And if your eyes are shut the first time, you can line up and do it all again.


From the top of T-Express, one of the world’s tallest wooden roller coasters, you can gaze down on all of Everland. Everland’s racing coaster surrounded by autumn leaves. Nature blends with fun attractions at Everland.

There are various ways to enjoy Everland in the autumn: by walking through its beautiful nature, by driving in the mountains around the park and admiring the scenery, and by visiting the fun and exciting attractions inside the park. Each way can create lasting memories of seasonal beauty and fun. Why not try all three?


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