Black and gray are the new black

The New York Times saw it coming way back in March: Its fashion review of that month’s Paris Fashion Week was titled “What You Really Need Next Season is a Big Black Coat.” After last year’s bright and flashy revival of Y2K looks and this year’s march through all the different “-core” trends, fashion has come back to the basics with dark colors like black and gray, and for winter, jackets and coats. Let’s take a look at some current trends.

Back in black

Yes, black is back. We always knew it would return (did it ever really go away?). People desire high-quality, durable items in black that can be worn for a long time in combination with various kinds of outfits. This fall-winter season, black jackets, blousons, and all kinds of long coats are catching the attention of fashionistas for their simplicity and beauty.

A black jacket is the essence of cool, while also keeping you warm.
A black jacket over a white t-shirt has been a classic, cool look since the 1950s. Now the silhouette has more variations, with some people preferring a cropped jacket that stops before the waistline, and others choosing an overfit style with a lot of room to move. The standard slim-cut jacket is something that never really goes out of style and looks good in either a zip-up or button-up version.
Dress to impress: a long black overcoat has a timeless class appeal.

As British Vogue pointed out in October, a black coat is one way to look current as well as to future-proof your wardrobe. If you pick wisely, “you’ll be wearing yours for years to come.” Big oversize coats are making a splash this season, as is fake leather: A trench coat made from this material is very eye-catching. For warmth in the late fall and winter, a woolen coat is hard to beat. When choosing a coat, it’s important to find a look that works for you. One that reaches below the knees might be right for some, while a shorter cut is better for others. Find the best look and you will hang on to your black coat for a long time.

You can really feel the volume in a blouson.
A blouson or blouse jacket billows out but is drawn tight at the waist, creating a unique look of graceful volume. Whether made from denim or wool, the silhouette of a well-made blouson jacket makes a bold fashion statement without being too showy.

Many shades of gray

In whatever shade, gray is here to stay

If black is back, then gray is here to stay. With so many possible shades from light to dark, gray is remarkably versatile, while still remaining a neutral color. Of course, gray pairs well with other neutrals like black and white, creating a minimalist ensemble with a serious feel to it.

Tailoring is more important this season than before; a well-tailored gray jacket that flatters the body of the wearer and shows the skills of the maker will attract many positive stares and comments.

Steel gray long coats will keep out the cold while attracting warm admiration

Like its black counterpart, a gray coat has an easy minimalist stylishness that pairs with almost any color or garment. A super long gray coat made of a warm material that reaches almost to the ankles can give a pleasant feeling, almost like walking around in a blanket or being hugged by a loved one.


Speaking about this fall and winter season’s fashion, director of the Samsung Fashion Institute Lim Ji-yeon said, “Minimalism will emerge as the overall mood,” adding, “outfits that use classic colors such as black and gray from head to toe will stand out.” Indeed, a minimalist and serious style will look best when finished off with a warm, well-tailored jacket, blouson, or coat in black or gray.

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