Have a very panda Christmas at Everland

Do pandas celebrate Christmas or New Year like humans? This winter at Everland, visitors can celebrate Yuletide with the Bao family of pandas. From Dec. 8 until March 1, 2024, Korea’s premier theme park has a variety of Christmas entertainment and snowy activities, called Bao Family in Wintertopia, centered around

Photo of Everland panda twins in TIME’s top 100 photos

They say a picture says a thousand words, but if it is one of the top 100 photos of the year, how many words does it say then? The birth last July 7 of twin female pandas at Everland Zoo won many hearts. One of the photos taken on that

Fun and games for all the family at Everland

When was the last time you enjoyed playing games with your family? If it’s been a long while, then maybe it’s time to do it again. Everland, Korea’s premier theme park, is now holding a 2023 Game Culture Festival until Nov. 12. Together with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and

Three ways to enjoy Everland this autumn

It’s no secret that autumn – or fall, if you prefer – is one of the most beautiful seasons in Korea. The weather is spectacular, the skies high and blue, and the leaves on the trees turn the most gorgeous colors before eventually falling to the ground.   What do

Wise & shining treasures: Twin pandas named

Finding an appropriate name for one rare giant panda born in captivity is difficult enough, but it’s an even bigger challenge when you have twin pandas. The world can now know the names of the two baby pandas born at Korea’s Everland Zoo to mother Ai Bao and father Le

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