Let your light shine, o firefly!

For millennia, humans have been fascinated by fireflies, watching them glow as they float lazily through the air against the dark night sky. This year, Korea’s premier theme park Everland is expanding its Midsummer Night’s Firefly Experience Program to give more pleasure to more visitors. WordPress Gallery Extra Everland’s Midsummer

Mega Fun at the Mega Wave Festival

After last year’s big post-pandemic return, it is hard to imagine Caribbean Bay’s Mega Wave Festival getting even better, but Korea’s premier water amusement park is determined to keep thrilling its summer visitors more and more as they get wet and wild. With the outdoor thrill rides Mega Storm, Tower

It’s two girls! Panda twins born at Everland

Twin giant pandas have been born at Everland Zoo, a first for Korea. Proud panda parents Ai Bao (爱宝, age 9, female) and Le Bao (乐宝, age 10, male) mated naturally, without artificial breeding techniques, and in the early hours of July 7 Ai Bao gave birth to two female

Water Stellar: The mysterious water planet arrives at Everland

“Summer is here, and the time is right for spraying water at those you meet.” These are not the original lyrics of the song “Dancing in the Street” that David Bowie and Mick Jagger covered, but they might as well be, because during Everland’s water-filled festival until late August, H20

Tackling lawn-standing problems at football pitches using science

When you think about places that need healthy, lush coverage of green grass, golf courses and football fields probably spring quickly to mind. Samsung C&T Resort Group, which manages no fewer than 6 golf clubs in Korea, has been sharing its proprietary knowledge and accumulated experience of growing pristine lawns

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