Protecting lives by developing household technologies that tackle diseases

Ever since the coronavirus hit the world in late 2019, industries have been making efforts to overcome it in their own sectors. Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction Group is also developing and applying technologies to enable apartment residents to live with confidence.

Contactless residential access

One of the buzzwords these last two years has been “contactless” or “non-contact,” used to describe interactions with services or facilities that do not require physical contact. Samsung C&T E&C Group provides a residential environment that can minimize contact by utilizing for example wireless forms of communication and face- or voice-recognition technology.

Take opening common entrances, for example the door to a building lobby, for instance. With a “onepass” card, used at Raemian apartments built by Samsung C&T E&C Group, it is possible to not only open the door but also to call the elevator without putting a finger on a keypad. This type of pass can be stored in a wallet or smartphone case, increasing convenience and minimizing the possibility of loss.

Antivirus technology

Within individual homes, antivirus systems can be employed to reduce the risk of infection and improve air hygiene.

A negative pressure ventilation system was developed with the aim of blocking the movement of infectious diseases among homes in situations where patient isolation or home treatment is required. Using this technology, the main room and the bathroom in the main room can be turned into spaces of positive or negative air pressure. A member of the household with weak immunity can be protected from inflow of external contaminants by maintaining positive air pressure in the main room. If a person has a highly contagious disease, the main room can be set to negative pressure, so that disease vectors in the main room do not move into other areas.

An illustration of a negative pressure ventilation system. Blue represents positive air pressure, and red represents negative pressure.

Another example of antivirus technology is an all-in-one sterilizing water system. This is designed to sterilize water and also to provide general water at the same time, reflecting the modern sensitivity and awareness to hygiene. Such a system can be used to remove residual pesticides from fruit and vegetables as well as sterilize chopping boards and kitchen utensils. The sterilized and general water supplies are integrated within one system, maximizing the utilization of sink space and creating a unique design.

Samsung C&T E&C Group has developed products to reduce the fear and anxiety of virus infections that residents may feel as they go about their everyday lives. The Group continues to develop differentiated products using the most cutting-edge and integrated forms of technology available. Products developed by Samsung C&T E&C Group will be adopted after consultations with the relevant union in projects scheduled to be sold from this year.

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