‘Safety First’ is more than a slogan at Samsung C&T: It’s part of the culture

In the construction field, safety is critical to the success of any project. Accordingly, Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction Group’s efforts to ensure safety are continuous, consistent, and considered. Samsung C&T E&C Group understands that safety is not something that happens by itself: It requires sustained work. The E&C Group is working hard in both visible and invisible ways for the safety of humans and organizations, wherever they are.

A stitch in time saves nine

In order to reduce and, where possible, eliminate risk factors for both the company and its partners, Samsung C&T E&G Group carries out safety activities on a daily and monthly basis on its construction sites. These activities are organized to involve all members on work sites, and through them risk factors are foreseen and prevented in advance by step-by-step verification. Thanks to this level of commitment to safety, Samsung C&T E&C Group has a significantly lower accident rate than the construction industry average.

This success is no recent phenomenon. Samsung C&T E&C realized early on the importance of safety and has been steadily making efforts to ensure and enhance it. As a result, the Group at the end of 2019 clocked up 50 million accident-free man-hours at the Dhirubhai Ambani International Convention and Exhibition Center (DAICEC) site in Mumbai, India. In addition, Samsung C&T achieved 8 million and 5 million accident-free man-hours, respectively, at the Singapore subway T313 and Indonesia’s Jawa-1 sites. 

Personal safety tips learned through experience

Hands-on experience is a very important asset on construction sites. Even workers who labor at the same site can experience different things depending on their specific task and variables such as precise location, timing, and risk factors on the site.

Samsung C&T’s construction division is making its work sites safer by sharing safety tips learned by its numerous people across its various locations. Workers are of one mind that the best way to ensure and maintain safety at a construction site is to check and check again.

Safety can be maintained by pointing out one another’s errors. This is because a colleague can be more likely to find and remove risk factors, and it helps to stay alert to potential safety accidents.

Strict safety management

For the year 2022, Samsung C&T has made “safety” its top management goal this year and is making every effort to establish a sound safety culture in the construction industry. These efforts by Samsung C&T are catching on among workers.

Samsung C&T E&C site workers describe Samsung C&T’s safety management as “demanding.” Compared to other sites, it can be difficult for them to adapt because of the stringent level of safety required and because inspections are plentiful. However, workers say that as time goes by, they get used to the high level of safety management at the Group and feel that this is the best way to achieve safety.

Additionally, site workers think that Samsung C&T is unstinting in its support of safety-related work.

Heading toward a safer future

With Samsung C&T having made safety its top priority this year, it has established its own new construction safety research institute and expanded and reorganized its existing in-house safety organizations. Samsung C&T is also making various attempts to raise the level of safety culture at construction sites, such as by introducing a virtual training program for equipment safety called SMAR’T.

In addition, in order to raise safety awareness at construction sites internally and externally, Samsung C&T has produced a video demonstrating safety rules to be followed. The video has been subtitled in various languages such as Hindi, Malay, and Vietnamese. It will be interesting to see how Samsung C&T’s construction sector will continue to make efforts to lead safety culture in the construction industry.

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