Variations on a theme of comfort in F/W 2021 women’s fashion

As the unbearable heat of summer recedes slowly into the distance behind us, it’s time to advance into the relief of fall weather with some new looks to help us feel and show the cool of the new season.

Comfort evolved with elegance

As the trend of living and working in and around one’s home extends into fall and winter 2021, the focus remains on fashion that emphasizes comfort in all activities through work, rest, and play.

These days we are witnessing the evolution of loungewear and so-called “one-mile wear” through the application of luxury fabrics, minimal decorations and elegant silhouettes, all of which emphasize an atmosphere of coziness on top of comfort styling.

With the rise in prominence of a silhouette that snugly covers the body, there has been a noticeable growth in ponchos, gown-like outerwear and knit cardigans that are soft to the touch.

Left: KUHO’s new line for this F/W season features modern designs, relaxed fit and high-quality materials. Right: LEBEIGE has introduced a collection that highlights both comfort and elegance in reflection of the “at home” trend.

Fresh new office looks

As workplaces become more flexible about in-office attendance and working from home (WFH), casual garments that cross the boundaries between home wear and office wear are increasingly becoming an everyday choice.

The key to covering all bases whether WFH or stepping outside is mixing & matching and well-coordinated layering of various colors and fabrics. Formal jackets, billowy shirts and dresses, casual and sporty sweatshirts and jogger pants – all of these can be combined to create a whole range of diverse office looks that reflect the wearer’s personality and mood.

It’s not surprising to learn that more attention will be paid to styling above the waist than below it, and clothes worn indoors will be featured more prominently in styling than those worn outdoors. This is, of course, because of the ongoing trend of “above-the-keyboard dressing” for teleconferences and video calls. Therefore, expect to see many exciting blouses, tops, and sweaters with eye-catching designs.

Left: Formal meets casual at kuho plus by mixing and matching a jacket over a casual top with jogger pants and a baseball cap. Right: KUHO has repurposed architectural blueprints as a print on this volume-sleeved blouse.

Classic looks that bring nostalgia

Designs that recall a nostalgia for the past are also expected to be a big hit this season. Look out for classic textiles like tweeds and knitwear, as well as heritage items like check jackets, cable sweaters and duffel coats.

Cable knitwear in particular will be getting a lot of attention, as will playful and unique alterations to the classic design with cropped lengths or baggy silhouettes. Another thing to keep an eye out for is cable knits worn layered over light fabrics such as satin or lace, for tactile contrast.

Left: Beanpole has reinvented the round-neck cable knit pullover in various shades and designs. Right: This matching Harris Tweed jacket and skirt from Beanpole are sure to evoke nostalgia.

With tone-on-tone and color therapy you can’t go wrong

Fall and winter are seasons that suit colors and tones drawn from nature, like earthy brown, camouflaging khaki and a warming off-white.

When combining items together, wearing the same color top and bottom or using two different tones of the same basic layer on inner and outer layers (called “tone-on-tone”) are clever styling techniques. And it is these techniques that have gained favor recently, as people have come to prefer simple yet stylish one-color or tone-on-tone combinations to take the headache out of color coordinating.

Meanwhile, vibrant colors such as yellow and red will give off vibes of hope and optimism in difficult times, like a kind of color therapy.

Left: LEMAIRE shows the way in tone-on-tone coordination with this woolen coat and jacket-pants setup in calming hues of gray, brown and green. Right: Plan C has created various knit vests, pullovers and skirts in vibrant yellow, orange and reddish purple.

Lim Ji-yeon, head of the Samsung Fashion Institute, said, “As our home-centered lifestyle continues, fashion trends focusing on comfort are still prevalent,” adding, “This season, comfortable styles with increased elegance, new office looks that combine the various moods of different items, and simple but sophisticated tone-on-tone styling will be at the center of attention.”

You can explore more ideas at SSF Shop, Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s online shopping mall.

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