Dive into Caribbean Bay through your screen!

Previously we took a virtual tour to Everland, the world-famous theme park in Korea run by Samsung C&T Resort Group. This time it’s a chance to virtually cool off at Korea’s biggest and best water park, Caribbean Bay.

Sliding and splashing at Caribbean Bay

Let’s start our tour with a soothing drone flight above Caribbean Bay’s outdoor wave pool to warm your up for a full-on splash around. The only sound you’ll hear is the crashing of the waves, one after the other, along the length of this 120m by 104m pool. As the drone flies higher, you can see the sights of Everland right next door and the verdant mountains in the background.

After a peaceful warm-up, the next stop is the Adventure Pool. While at first glance it looks just like any other adventure playground, appearances can be deceptive. The giant grinning skull with human eyes regularly rains down a waterfall, sending a cascade of cool water onto the heads of the people below, making them forget the heat in an instant.

Now for something faster. The Aqua Loop, a high-speed water slide, is a fully enclosed tube-type slide that starts out with an almost vertical drop from 18 meters up before leveling out and continuing at high speed all the way to the bottom. The best part about it is you can skip the long waiting lines. For full effect, keep a glass of water nearby and throw it in your face when the slide reaches the bottom.

If you are ready for the king of water slides, the Mega Storm is a step up. Sitting on an inflatable ring-shaped raft, start down the slide and whoosh down together. And then you enter a giant funnel-like tornado of water that whisks you into the pool at the bottom.

After some thrilling and sometimes heart-stopping water attractions, it’s time now to calm down and relax. The Caribbean Bay River way, a so-called “lazy river,” takes in some of the sights of the indoor and outdoor sections of the water park. Sit back and allow the slow current of the lazy river to carry through around its circular course while you listen to Caribbean steel drum music. Don’t worry if you can’t swim: lifeguards are stationed at regular intervals to keep you safe.

For a deeper chill-out session, try this ASMR video of the outdoor wave pool. This video is designed to help the viewer experience the autonomous sensory meridian response that gives you a calming and pleasurable feeling, often accompanied by a tingling sensation. You have the whole pool to yourself, as there are no people to distract you from the healing lapping and bubbling of the waves.

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