Comfort and practicality combined with a little luxury in F/W 2021 menswear

Increasingly sophisticated and comfortable

As consumer confidence edges up on the hope brought with increasing vaccination numbers, the desire to indulge ourselves a little with some much-appreciated luxury goods is growing, as is the demand for comfortable clothes.

Accordingly, men’s clothing brands such as Galaxy are seeking to stand out from the rest by combining comfortable fits with high-end fabrics such as cashmere and silk, and by constructing garments with premium tailoring.

Left: Galaxy evokes feelings of comfort and sophistication with the best textiles and adjustable detailing.
Right: Rogatis has expanded the hip and thighs and adjusted the knees and hems for comfortable pants, while using garment dyeing techniques to give the colors a natural feel.

Fall guys can’t do without browns and reds

Gentlemen should wear brown to town! This autumn and winter season, brown is a must-have color, in line with the slowed fashion cycle. Shades of brown can be particularly stylish in a range of materials and color schemes, fitting easily into all manner of clothing, from premium outerwear to footwear and accessories too.

Furthermore, classic dark navy is the new black. Watch as more and more men make the shift towards navy, which pairs well with off-white but can also work with steel blue to take advantage of a modern tone-on-tone combination.

But we mustn’t forget red. Most men look great in this solid primary color; they just need to take the bold step to dress in red and watch as they attract attention.

Left: Galaxy Lifestyle has used earthy and natural-looking brown as its centerpiece color, giving a casual look to a luxurious and comfortable feel.
Center: Easy-to-wear colors like brown, oatmeal, and beige feature in this season’s MVIO collection.
Right: Slowear boldly uses strong colors like orange and red to give sophistication to a casual look.

Now is the heyday of sport utility wear

The fresh trend of workleisure wear that is more than leisure while less than formal is still attracting a lot of attention. It’s all about applying practical ideas for flexible lifestyles to sophisticated and contemporary designs, the effect of which is to create a more advanced office look while still standing out.

High-function utility wear is also on the rise, capturing a futuristic mood. Premium fabrics, modular designs, and smart layering are the key factors to create new commuter looks this season.

Left: Thom Browne’s new collection is inspired by the Boy Scouts of the U.S.
Right: The one-mile wear from Galaxy features cashmere-wool blend in athleisure items.

A robe coat turns you into an insider!

There’s nothing cozier for lounging around the home in than a bathrobe. It drapes well and has a voluminous quality that allows for ease of movement. The next best thing is the robe coat, something comfortable enough to lounge around in but smart enough to wear outside the home too. Robe coats are hot now for precisely those reasons. Some of them even have pajama patterns with a gown-like silhouette that plays up on the ability to be worn as an inside and outside garment.

Also noteworthy are overcoats with oversized silhouettes that warmly drape over the body and increase utilization with the addition of waist belts. They evoke a classic style by using flannel or tweed material.

LEMAIRE’s voluminous alpaca woolen robe coat has adjustable waist straps for comfortable fit and movement.

Lim Ji-yeon, head of the Samsung Fashion Institute, said, “This fall and winter season, men’s clothing is more sophisticated and refined, reflecting a nostalgia for the peaceful past,” adding, “The workleisure trend, combining practicality and functionality, has offered up a new office look and ushered in a hopeful, futuristic mood.”

You can find out more at SSF Shop, Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s online shopping mall.

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